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Are the Vajiram and Vision booklets suggested by Tina Dabi worth buying?

After sticking to the standard books and newspaper, I am getting only ~95 in this prelims and I have seen coaching guys are getting quite good marks.
So now I think is the time to shed this ego and take the refuse of the coaching notes available in the market.
So for Mains 2017, how about these materials suggested by Tina Dabi on ?
Its not that I am blindly following her cz of her rank but cz I dont have any other reliable source of guidance.

Due to some constraints, will have to resume my job and I have just one day to collect all these.
So any suggestion from those who have already gone through any of them or otherwise?

Paper 1.jpg
1366 x 768 - 200K
Paper 2.jpg
1366 x 768 - 200K
Paper 2 b.jpg
1366 x 768 - 178K
Paper 3.jpg
1366 x 768 - 207K
Paper 3 b.jpg
1366 x 768 - 249K
Paper 1.jpg 200.3K
Paper 2.jpg 200.1K
Paper 2 b.jpg 178.4K
Paper 3.jpg 206.7K
Paper 3 b.jpg 248.8K


  • yes they are sufficient
  • edited September 2016
    jambooics said:

    yes they are sufficient

    All this is available in ORN na?
  • @perky Reading class notes of others and then internalising so that you can reproduce it in mains is very different. It might help you in Prelims coz there are options but for Mains you will only be able to reproduce if you study it for at least 10 times thoroughly.
    The issue might not be with what you are studying but how you are studying. This time most of the questions were current oriented, for that you just need to follow any coaching institute's monthly editions. For the static part, STD books are still awesome.
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