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Hy guys i am preparing for 2017 but in a bit confusion regarding my optional as I m masters in sociology which I completed 2 yrs back but now wanna choose anthropology as an optional as most of the topics are similar expect physical part as I am not familiar with bio after 10th....and as compared to sociology anthropology syllabus is less and few aspirant opt for it... can anyone please explain me benefits of choosing anthropology over sociology or vice versa....need an urgent reply please


  • i got Anthro and like you i am aimin' for 2017(actually it was 2016 but reached the prelims centre late so couldn't appear).you gotta understand that I am also starting out with Anthro so my knowledge is limited so i'll try and answer to the best of my limited knowledge.
    Pro's of Anthro:
    2.Everyone is at a level playing field as most Anthro takers have done their graduation in anything but Anthro.
    3.More consistent than say PUB AD in terms of scoring.
    4.If you have ample time you can really, really prepare well for Anthro and can expect good marks.
    5.Also if you are blessed with the superpower of mugging you will do pretty well.
    6.The scope of updating your notes with Current Affairs is less, that means less work, and more concentration on GS.(Some people do look at CA for Anthro esp. for Paper 2, but i feel that its not the most important aspect, i mean examples and case studies and diagrams should be preferred over CA anyday)
    7.One of those very few optionals where Coaching notes are better than books( Again some purists might consider this blasphemy but i do feel that other than Ember and Ember no other book is important or maybe i havent read the more important ones)
    8.You have ample scope of using flowcharts and diagrams.
    1.Syllabus is not short its an illusion.
    2.Physical Anthro is a part of Paper 1 and its scoring but its not easy whether you have bio in 12th or not(Many people would tell you to simply mug it up, but it wont help), you have to utilize internet and get to the bottom of the issues so your understanding is crystal clear.Some books might help but i cant say which ones coz i used internet.
    3.If you are a "Lone Wolf" like me i.e without coaching or friends who have/are appeared/appearing in UPSC Anthro can be insanely frustrating.
    4.The Theories in Paper 1 can be very difficult to comprehend. Some people say there are books to deal with that part but i dont have those books i used Internet and i find it difficult.
    5.Most important aspect of Anthro is not what to study but rather what to leave, that is something which only someone with experience can tell you. If you dont have that someone you are screwed.
    6.Paper 2 might look generic but do not write answers like a generalist you have to utilize all you have learned in Paper 1 and give it an anthropological perspective with case studies and stuff to make it look like you know your shit.
    7.Again your superpower for mugging is of utmost importance but if u r like "Batman"(i.e without Super Power you'll need Gordon/Robin/Catwoman to bail you out)

    All in all i feel it's OK and it can be done but it requires hard work, I think its better if you choose Sociology as you have a masters in Sociology you'll have a distinct advantage over others with the depth and structure of your answers + you can devote more time to GS.
    Anyways it's your decision but whatever you choose stick to it.Peace.
  • Thank you for your advice...I won't be able to go for any kind of coaching for anthropology right now nd have non to guide me much regarding the subject...so taking sociology an an optional would rather go for me...
  • Few people opt for anthropology is the myth of the decade ;) ....
  • I searched a lot and found nearly 500-600 aspirants appear for anthropology than 3000+ for sociology
  • @lapizlazuli i think you are right brother.i guess this year many people have taken anthro. Based on last year's Paper 2 the questions are going more analytical and mere mugging of previous years question wont work anymore, you have to have an edge over others, and that requires multiple sources and constant revision, I guess first hand knowledge of standard books is essential. I think "distress migration" from "Philosophy", "Pub Ad", "Geog" etc has changed the demography and added to our woes. I guess the only way to survive this ordeal is to pay equal attention GS ,which again has Ethics which i feel is very unpredictable adding to the overall "unpredictableness" of this exam. I think this exam is skewed towards Medical Science and Math optional they really do well.Anyways, not much i can do except bark at moving cars. Let's wait and watch.
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