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MPSC insider news

edited August 2016 in State PSC
:) mpsc upcoming advt


  • CSAT paper 2 may qualifying from upcoming advt :SOURCE
  • only qualifying paper 2 ,cut off only on paper 1 :SOURCE
  • I don't know how to react to this.it would be good on one side.but at the same time i think it won't be easy to qualify to mpsc paper2 .and cut off for paper 1 would be 30 ,40 i don't know.i wish mpsc would also set up papers on upsc lInes.
  • Ideally, mpsc should also make languages qualifying and not scoring in mains becuase this is the paper where maximum arbitrariness prevails in mains and whats the use of clearing prelims if one cannot reduce the subjectiveness in mains evaluation.
  • First thing they should do is .Do something about there website.everytime time I try to open it .it says it's not safe.atleast they should provide basic proper information to aspirants.
  • If csat paper is of upsc standards then only people will qualify in paper 2..otherwise majority of students will even fail to score 67 in vague csat paper
  • 20% -25% criteria 40-50 marks criteria may: :SOURCE
  • When is the sti 2016 adv Coming?..it was expected in July and exam is schedules for October 18...still no news...and will there be more posts,atleast in 3 digits?
  • edited August 2016
    But the step to make csat qualifying is a welcome step as it will be on lines of common sense...but the quality of qualifying paper 2 needs to be on lines of upsc or else scores will fail in paper 2, even to qualify...also the languages need to be made qualifying or atleast objective to remove the ambiguity of mains totally...
  • govt scrap 2016 sti advt ,
    sti 2017 in 3 digit
  • @dilwala what about PSI ad?
  • dilwala said:

    govt scrap 2016 sti advt ,
    sti 2017 in 3 digit

    Has it been declared?...I mean the time table as displayed recently still has the mention of sti 2016!
  • If its going to be qualifying then it should be announced at the earliest.its ok if they keep the level somewhat similar but they have to be sensible in setting ppr 1 as it will be the make or break ppr. Vinchu,mini skirt,righty lefty will not do here...
  • Khara ...ekdam barobar.
  • finger up if u voted bjp in last election ,
    Aapnach aaplya payawr kurhad marli
  • lazytom said:

    I voted

    Pastawalo bhau bjp la vote karun
  • Bjp mule posts kami n mpsc mule paper madhe pan arbitrariness tasacha tasach . Mpsc has become tougher den upsc . :D
  • anup8380 said:

    If its going to be qualifying then it should be announced at the earliest.its ok if they keep the level somewhat similar but they have to be sensible in setting ppr 1 as it will be the make or break ppr. Vinchu,mini skirt,righty lefty will not do here...

    लेफ्टी वाला विचित्र होता, आणि ऎसे अजुन बरेच होते, पण, नाथांचे विंचु चावला हे भरूड़ खुप प्रसिद्ध आहे, उगाचच लोक त्या प्रश्ना वर बोट ठेवत आहेत
  • The present govt has made all the efforts to make sure that youngsters remain unemployed in all the fields... The common excuse... No funds...the events like mahakumbh where thousands of crores are spent are conducted through foreign countries I guess then...also the increases in politician salaries don't require money I guess...crony capitalism is what we are seeing through digital and make in India and youth of this country are smart enough to correct their mistakes in next few years.. May be we have to bear the brunt of this phenomenon for the benefit of future youth but I hope all the youth learn from this experience and vote for their future in next elections and don't remain absent from voting booths...
  • I filed RTI application to GAD department regarding Vacant post which are filled through Mpsc..here is their reply..you will shock sure...that information redarding specifically about direct quota not about post which are fill by promotion
    2160 x 3600 - 981K
  • imageimage
    2160 x 3600 - 989K
  • edited August 2016
    This is disgraceful...here we youth are fighting for our futures and these guys leave thousands of posts vacant while spend thousands of crores on unnecessary events like mahakumbh and yoga ministry... I request a little thought for youth and the farmers of this country rather than the well off and unnnecssary
  • Platinum said:


    Platinum said:


    This information needs to spread though as many outlets as possible, be it through print media asking them.ti raise the issue or through social media...on pressure will make these guys take notice of legitimate demands for jobs
  • Ajun photo upload karat ahe wait
  • image
    480 x 800 - 783K
  • image
    480 x 800 - 575K
  • image
    480 x 800 - 562K
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