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Sociology Mains 2016 test series - feedback

Hi Guys,

As Prelim is over and we just have some 114 days remaining .So without wasting any more second we should start preparing for mains for which writing practice is necessar for which i wants to know best series available for sociology .



  • I have joined vision ias test series , it is good ,
    For me at least it is , as correction time is less and personal interaction with the teacher and feedbacks are quite helpful.

    I have also heard of praveen kishore sirs test series might join it later.(heard that it's good and he checked the paper himself only)

    Bakki i don't know much about others.

    Hopefully it helps :)
    ehh what's up doc!!!!
  • @bugsbunny could u tell your strategy for sociology?
  • Can Someone please share his / her experience with Vikas ranjan sirs test series
    Flavido is offering his test series for 16500

    Have to make decision in a day or two....
    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"
  • avix said:

    @bugsbunny could u tell your strategy for sociology?

    I'm pretty poor in sociology , in both my mains I did poorly in sociology that is why this year I have joined a test series. So I guess I'm not the right person to comment on the strategy.

    I don't know whether @greymatterrules is visiting the forum or not but in my opinion he is the best person to answer Ur query. You can also search 2015 ka thread there he had shared an extensive strategy on sociology.
    ehh what's up doc!!!!
  • can someone please share experience of vikash Ranjan,Nice-ias and vision test series. or should i wait for mohapatra sirs test series ....need urgent help.
    Frustrated soul! Life is full of trial and error.
  • Also how is bibash test series?
  • @MD47 bhai, nice ias k test series k review do....
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