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Thank you for your tremendous response, to the revision classes for Prelims 2017being conducted in New Delhi. Based on your requests and suggestions, we have come up with new classes as per below schedule
(1)Art & Culture Revision ( REPEAT ) - May 27th & 28th, (2) Modern History ( REPEAT ) - May 30th (3) Govt Schemes + Allied Issues - May 31st (4) Environment & Ecology - Friday, June 2

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People scoring 95+

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There is a thread for 120 + and the count has been somewhere around 100

There is another thread regarding Prelims Discussion and Cut Off which has around 1.8k comments . Lets assume 40% are quotes and rest 60% are the marks posted by people . By going that number its coming around 1080 people have posted their mark which is above ~ 105 (Including people who are into reserved category)

Since ~14000 students will qualify for the Mains , so it has to be 7000 + 7000 (Approx)

And seeing the high scores being posted here many people who have scored below 105 and shying from posting.

So let's assume (as of now) the cut off to be 95+ and see how many +1 to this thread we are receiving.

Hence anyone scoring 95+ please mark +1 in your comment and add it with the value of the previous post. For Ex : + 1 , + 2

You may laugh seeing the number 95+ but what's harm in giving a try.


  • +1
  • the 40 - 60 division of comments isn't correct... its the same 150-200 people who are posting high any case definitely not more than 500 different people... anyways +1...99.4 -104.6(depending on the MOM and chief sec question
  • +1
    missed final list by13 marks last year.
  • +7 (102 acc. to shankar)
  • sorry for commenting but all the other threads are dominated by high scorers...i just wanted to know if you guys are going to start studying for mains... please don't give philosophical replies that iss saal nahi toh aglae saal use mein ayega... i want to know if your starting to study for mains because your gut feeling or your interactions with people outside the forum make you feel like you'l clear
  • Mine 104 and I am gonna prepare.I m not out till upsc says so
  • +4

    @"Noel Johnson" : tats the million dollar question isnt it.. honestly I dunno wat to think..the last 2-3 days have been a roller coaster..someone says it'll be between 95 and 105 and my heart lifts up..den another one says tats ntn but false hope and all optimism goes for a toss..

    My 2 cents..Last year after the prelims, almost everybody from the main upsc centre came out laughing abt how easy the paper was..One guy scornfully told his frnd "abe ye koi paper hai kya" .. this year,, there was absolute sannata aftr GS1. everybody i spoke with at the centre was dejected ki ye kya agya..Honestly, judging from their reactions, I was pretty sure the cutoff wud go down and wud be between 95-100.

    After logging in over here, not so sure anymore.

    coming back to your question, I think maybe I will start preparing.This happened last year too.I wasted a lot of time being in the danger zone and consequently flunked mains..The regret of having lost a rare opportunity (given this exam's wierd nature) is just too much too carry..Thoda lamba reply ho gaya lol.. just venting out my frustration I guess
  • @EQUANIMITY Glad somebody opened up this thread. here I was thinking ki is baar mere alawa everybody'z scoring above 100. I feel a lotta people (myself included) got a lil perturbed seeing the extremely high marks on the main Prelims thread :neutral:
  • 102 - shankar
    112 - vajiram key

    General category
  • the paper was definitely harder than last year, its just that all those who would have studied their CA bit earnestly would have found it very easy, especially because the degree of ambiguity is far lesser than conceptual questions... conversely that makes it doubly harder for people who havn revised CA as it isn't something you can apply logic to... i really doubt if more than 3000 max. would be so well versed with their CA... i genuinely believe that cut off would hover in the early 102-105 range, but since m getting 99.4 i want it to drop a little further...hope it happens
  • +6 if kharai camel can b domesticated .. every answer sheet I went through says they can nt b domesticated but this link says a dfferent story.
    composite things decay strive diligently ..
  • @"Noel Johnson" looks like both f s r getting d same score :| n yes..besides if you notice the level of CA questions this was horrendous.. UPSC is known for focusing more on concepts..Eg: this year's CAPF paper..With all the hullabaloo on genetic engineering, it asked on the basics of genes and stuff.But this paper's CAF was equivalent of state PCS..mostly factual and non imp..
  • +8
    Getting between 98-102. Starting preparing for Mains Tommorrow. At least 10 other people I know haven't scored more than 95 and majority of them scored more than 100 last year.
    These high marks of 120+ r restricted to ORN and delhi. Everywhere else people r struggling and on forum many people lie about their marks just to discourage others.
  • 101 :| ... 2015 pre me 116 .. mere 5 dosto ne last year mains diya .. unme me sirf 1 ke 112 hai baki sab 95 - 100 ke bich .. 15 logo se jo serious aspirant hain score pucha .. sirf 1 ke 132 hain baki almost around 95 to 100 ..
  • I know a lot of guys who are in the range 80-100. Don't worry guys and keep on preparing.
  • Ask people to tell their scores acc to Shankar IAS 's key. After adjusting for gram nayalaya ques...that wud b true marks.

    Rest , most of the people fake their scores.
    CL, vajiram etc all have good no. Of ques wrong.
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    last year missed pre by 2 marks....this time scoring ~105...feeling depressed...wht to do :s
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