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Help ! Dell Xps Battery Not charging. Please see details.

Few months back I bought dell xps 15 new battery. But now it has stopped charging and yellow battery indicator keeps on blinking. I have tried reinserting battery, restarting and few youtube methods. But it doesn't work. Please suggest if you have came across similar situation or know how to get it resolved. Thanks in advance :)


  • Few months means? How long. If it's under warranty, take it to the Dell service centre. Most likely you'll have to get it replaced. @hope16
  • @nexgen Jan 2016 , I bought it from snap deal.
    I was thinking it must be some software or bios issue.
  • edited August 2016
    Chargin does not have any software or bios issue. There is no role of bios or OS or any software in charging.

    Charging has only two component. One is adapter/charger and other is the socket in which you put the battery. This socket is directly connected to the input power through adapter. Adapter job is to convert AC into DC and power down the voltage from 220V AC to 9 or 12 V DC depending on your computer.

    Even if your CPU ( which you call processor i3, i5, i7 or P4, or Dual core) is burnt out, you can still charge your battery by putting it in socket of the laptop. You can also charge the battery when your computer is turned off. This all indicates to one simple fact that there is no role of bios or OS or any software in charging. The only role of OS comes into play while displaying status of battery on your screen(ie whether its charging or not charging or how much charge is left etc).

    So, if your battery is not charging there are only two possibilties. Either your battery is over or your adapter is gone. However if your battery would have been over, it would still show charging and it would charge to 100% in within a few sec and go down to zero in a few sec after you remove the charging cable. So the only thing i can see here is that your adapter is gone.

    You need to buy a new adaptor (the big rectangle thing with all the cable attached and with socket for inserting in the power and another one in the laptop).

    Since I have not personally seen your laptop, so i would advise you to take your laptop to a retailer/dealer where you intend to buy the adaptor and tell him to take a look at what the problem is before buying an adaptor. You can alternatively use one of your friends adaptor from dell laptop and see if it helps to charge your battery.

    Good Luck :)
  • hope16 said:

    @nexgen Jan 2016 , I bought it from snap deal.
    I was thinking it must be some software or bios issue.

    @hope16 I observed similar symptoms with my laptop battery. Suspected some software issues. Delayed the visit to the service centre. Tried all sorts of experiments after going through numerous websites. As a result my warranty period expired and I had to pay for a brand new battery.

    As banksy mentiond, do check the adaptor too. And do pay a visit to the service centre.
    All the best!
  • @bansky_ I had similar issue earlier too. It got resolved after re-inserting the battery and restarting. So I was thinking that way. I think abb repair shop hi jana rahega
  • Thanks @nexgen @banksy_
    @DrKingSchultz please close this thread.
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