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Hot issue- Uniform Civil Code. Great minds please share your views.

Uniform Civil Code which is written as Article 44 in our holy Constitution. Though it has not been given effect which is a matter of great concern. It has been created under the shadow of Portugese Civil Code of 1867 which was continued in Goa after its liberation. It would help end gender discrimination on religious grounds.......

What we need to do is throw our views on this issue and lets see afterwards what are the similarities and differences. This would help to relfect the thinking of sound people who are tomorrow going to be responsible to our country...... :)


  • First Give your detailed opinion about this issue. I will ponder over it in next 20 days and then give u my views.
  • I think it shall be given effect. According to analysis 80% of population comes under hindu code bill where rules are different with respect to other religions followed in our country.
    Our country was reborn with an idea of secularism which is still under hammer due to different perspectives. This secular idea could be given a beautiful shape if all the people of our country gets united.
    I know there is mismatch in thinking of different people but why not to forget the past and build a bright future together with a uniform civil code which would effect all the religions and group them together as a unbreakable bunch.
    I feel this as a masterpiece and I hope if Ambedkar would have been present today he would have given a special emphasis towards this subject and he would have influenced us to be in favour of this.
    Today so many islamic women who got divorced due to triple talaaq system, even they desire for a change and I hope this code got fulfil this.
    Many hindus practice polygamy illegally due to which there are differences created between the wives as the other wife/wives cannot be treated with the same laws which are applicalbe to the first wife and this is really saddistic. Atleast in islam though the muslims practice polygamy but the wives are given equal share in the property of husband even before the marriage is consummated. I have read that many other islamic countries have reformed the rules according to the rightful needs not hurting the sentiments of anyone but in india the code is still not under effect.
    If this code is given effect the hindus and muslims and all the other religion followers will have same rules to follow and this will be a great achievement as this would end the gender discrimination and it would definitely be a boost to secularism which is one of the great pillar of our country. The dowry system will be abolished and the triple talaq system could be abolished. The positives from all the religions followed in our country could be grouped together and implemented which everyone will be following whereas all the negatives of all the religions will be grouped together and dumped.
    Just imagine the united voice everyone where everyone could live with harmony. Its beautiful image.

    We have been praising Unity in Diversity since we realised what does this mean.
    The time has come to taste Unity in Religions and I have a feeling that this would take our country to a different path which seems to be lead us altogether.
  • UCC didn't end dowry system in hindus. Nor condition of hindu women is better than thoes of muslims. On the contarary hindu women enjoy lesser right than muslims as you yourself pointed. So ucc is not penecia for gender discrimination. There should be 'unity in diversity' not 'unity in uniformity.'
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