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Electrical Engineering Doubts(Theoretical & Numerical ) - No General Discussions Allowed

Its time to be serious who have electrical engineering as optional subject.
Lets not discuss general things here like health and exam strategies and put out full efforts to help each other in clearing doubts.
Knowledge shared is knowledge gained.
We can form a dedicated group and prepare subject wise and brushing up each other's skills.


  • Many such threads have been brought up including one by me :p but only one thread survives here related to EE

    Never mind these failures , these little bakslidings , hold the ideal a thousand times .And if you fail a thousand times make an attempt once more!

  • Well i want a thread dedicated to electrical doubts only as its tough to find a partner with electrical as optional
  • I am with EE ..we want to discuss electrical at prelims time :o
  • bro , i am targeting CSE 2017
    Good luck for your prelims
  • Good luck aspirants...one LIFE to make it BIG!!!
  • Anyone preparing for CSE 2016 or CSE 2017 with Electrical engineering as optional are most welcome.
  • I have chosen EE as optional for CSE 2017. Looking forward to engage actively on this forum
  • @mariecurie and others , shall we start ?
  • edited August 2016
    I could not understand the direction of currents in DC generator simplex lap winding diagram shown in attached picture. can someone plese help me to understand this.image
    640 x 480 - 124K
  • I have completed power electronics.
    Anyone having doubts in power electronics can ask...I would try my best to share
  • what u ppl r doing for micro processor? and communication?
  • Guys Im creating whatsapp group for EE mains
    only serious candidates ping @ 7503362835
  • Has anyone prepared Machines? We can discuss previous year IAS questions here. I have doubts in few questions related to transformers.
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