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Indian Society & Culture – Nadeem Hasnain

whether i read whole
"Indian Society & Culture – Nadeem Hasnain "or Selected Chapter's ??
or any better option then "Indian Society & Culture – Nadeem Hasnain " ??
A 18y girl who just passout her 12th..& ready to Flying 4r her sky .. my main aim is to clear CSE without takeing any coaching...that's why i joined forumias platform ..so i get guidance from senior experince member like u people...so plz treat me like ur younger Sibling..my every question in this forum is just 4r confirming whether my effort's & hardwork going to right direction...or wasteing time to touching unnecessary topic which not worth 4r me in future... ...thankyou 4r u guidance and support


  • u have age factor benefit..nadeem hasnain is a gud read at leisure but too fundamental. u can try yojna or kurukshetra magzine for free.jote down the issue and then internet digging for analysis. try to internalize things on economy, Socio,political,ethics,s&t,polity etc to give edge effect n diversification which reduce the risk of monotonosity & indepthness.disclaimer- its nothing matters how much u can read at what age but the matter is with how much magnitude u can internalize various things in single issue.
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    Book ka toh pata nahi.
    But aapka signature padh k chuloo bhar pani mein doobne ka man kar raha hai :( :(
    Aapka ek uncle B)

    Uncle ji smile :p :p
    Karma - the Panacea
  • Book ka toh pata nahi.
    But aapka signature padh k chuloo bhar pani mein doobne ka man kar raha hai :( :(
    Aapka ek uncle B)

    chullu laya hoon hum sab ke liye☺however i m 25(semi अधेड़) these r going to be major threat to all future uncles.i thnk there is no need of reducing age in cse by seeing this scenario.at the age of 18 i hv seen ias but not think about becoming it forget about platform like this.i think it was major drawback of digital india☺of modi or do modi ko vote bechara rahul gandhi hi accha tha.
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