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Please post your Pub Ad Marks

I request you all to post your pub ad marks please.

Mine - 66+86


  • 206=94+112 missed final list by 41 marks.
    दुखेषु अनुद विग्नमनाः सुखेषु विगतस्पृहः ।
    वीतराग भय क्रोधः अथितधिः मुनिः उच्यते ।।
  • 113+114...mains not qualified
    One day, perhaps, love may die of disuse, left to rust in wind and weather.
  • 67+92
    2014: 114 total
  • @IWRA

    Buddy, 227 is very very decent. Did GS or Essay screw your chances?
  • Essay-110
    GS-1: 84
    GS-2: 65
    GS-3 : 81
    GS-4 : 67
    P1: 113
    P2: 114

    Total: 634.

    Essay, GS-2 and GS-4 sunk me
    One day, perhaps, love may die of disuse, left to rust in wind and weather.
  • 106+102 pub ad sunk
  • highest kitne hai yar pub ad mein
  • Pub ad 82+106..
  • 85+115....mains not qualified,missed by 14 marks..
    @IWRA : bro i hv similar as yours in gs2 and gs4......
  • It seems average score in pub ad is somewhere around ~200-210. Becoming highly apprehensive about this subject and regretting why i took it :/
  • 95+88=183
  • 111+121. Handicap match hai upsc.
    circumstances make men just as much as men make circumstances.
  • 100+131=231
  • 53+92. PubAd doesn't seem to be for me.
  • 93+109
  • guys....lool at the comedy or tragedy:)
    essay 124
    paper 1 95
    paper 2 80
    paper 3 88
    ethics 71
    pub ad 71+ 100
    interview 165
  • 58+113
  • 101+110

    Although GS papers saved me....
    Just sneaked into the final list...
    Dropping Pub Admn this year...
    Pub Ad....Naam hi kaafi hai.
  • Do you people also see systematic discrimination against Pub Ad? And compare the average marks in Pub Ad with optionals like Anthro..
  • 110+127 - 237
  • Please share the test series coaching and materials also. @Matrix_Reloaded
    What do you think worked for you in pub ad?
  • @Shahnawaz_441 which optional you are thinking to choose?
  • Pub Ad - 121 + 99
    GS 88+71+80+88
    Essay 73
  • @Gandhi
    Sociology (in past appeared in Mains with it)
    History (Best available choice but need to invest time)
    other possible choices are Anthro and Psycho, but i have to start from scratch.

    (Background: BE Computer Engg)

    So as of now to bring some kind of objectivity(or mere feeling while writing answers in mains exam hall) i am going with sociology.
    Pub Ad....Naam hi kaafi hai.
  • 133 97 68 88 80 116 106 138 ... pub ad 222
  • 59+110

    Top scorer in pubad plzz share ur strategy. i dont want to drop this optional
  • 105+127
  • pub ad 73+78=151

    i even have pub ad JRF with all india rank 1, but still it fkuced me.. :(
    उम्र ए दराज मांग कर लाए थे चार दिन,
    दो आरजू में कट गए दो इन्तेजार में..

    2014 CSE Mains : Public Administration
    2015 CSE Mains : Public Administration
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