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[Article][Economy] India may have missed the manufacturing bus

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    My take---
    Have we missed the manufacturing bus??? NO

    The world market may be slowing down and they may have good new machines which cut labour out and more n more are comming, article says now there is slowdown in IT sector too... No denying that, yes there has to be slowdown and it is right that China have been able able to grab much of the opportunity.
    But why I think we have not missed the bus coz there is

    1. Lot of manufacturing to be done for India itself.

    Leave the metro areas n the capitals.. See there is a lot n lot of our nation that is in dire need of basic facilities like full road connectivity, electricity connection , toilets etc so to say demand is over and we have missed the bus won't be right I think.
    But problem right now is things are looking a bit stuck at the moment two consecutive monsoon deficit years so the demand from agriculture is totally down plus the added pressure coz there is no crop n the loss of material itself plus most of them looking towards metros n comming to cities so more competition for labour.
    What's needed is a renewed focus on labour oriented industries plus making the labour compatible with current demands ie skill development. The govt has started various programs like skill India, stand up India, loads of schemes focussing on agriculture. So it's not that they don't know.. They do.
    Where we lack is , where investors and general public are not having confidence because implementation is the key not just announcements. Problems in implementation.. We all know bureaucracy, awareness, law n order , banking etc

    This demographic dividend that we can can soon become a curse and make the country what it was not supposed to be ie stuck in casteism,caste politics, conflicting ideas and the subsequent viloence, any Tom can call himself a leader n media is screaming for news n youngsters who are unemployed only need to be sparked off n they can bring the nation to stand still. Need is to learn from the resent reservation movements which even turned viloent and govt had to succumb to their demands. Need is to channelize this youth well.
    Need is to work on sectors like education and agriculture. Not just releasing funds , bringing new policies, schemes but seeing their implementation.
    Much of the onus falls on people of country too... Where we have educated girls sitting at home and at the same time schools with lack of teachers. Just like people see others going to foreign and see their status is enhanced need is to make working in India, among the people attractive. Somebody choosing to work with an NGO is seen as careless while other in a MNC in foreign nation is considered more respectful... This has to change.. Untill n unless people don't see their work is respected and their choice matters we will keep producing generation after generation of suffocted youth all dying for a ticket to Hollywood.
    I mean seriously all are not made to earn lakhs a month right? when you say your father is a farmer the very next second other guy thinks u are financially poor that has to change.. How long can farmers sit and die in silence struggling with their lives n seeing others in village who chose to shift make good in life? Who will produce if all leave??? Can't we provide good teachers in villages so that atlesat that farmer is assured that his child can also speak n sit among those from village.

    There is a lot to do in India and we are on brink... Seriously if u plan to bring your children in this country and want they lead a good life. We need to work' here' and not just with our own self but amongst ourselves.

    2. Yes West may be saturated but we have Africa left and all other developing n underdeveloped nations where we can spread our markets. Yes China is also doing the same ie grabbing the rest and why is it able to? Coz of timely dilevery of contracts and having no political logjams like ours but these things can be improved , changed and our country too can dilever on time and show constant political will not marred with changing govts n changing policies.

    --- sorry it got long , all Mann ki baat was sleeping so just ... Time pass : /
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