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what is the procedure to appeal if you are declared unfit in medical examination for CSE 2015

Guys , has anyone been declared unfit in medical examination for CSE 2015.
If yes then what is the further procedure to appeal.
I have appealed against it through my login account. And it is being displayed at the following link as yes

Is there anything else we need to do. Like sending any hard copy or any other form to appeal against report ????
Or this online appeal is sufficient ???


  • I think this appeal is sufficient (nothing else mentioned in gazette). @JohnSnow please confirm.

    When is the appellate medical board generally constituted? Before or after the final result?
  • @djgovins
    Under Appendix III : Clause : 3.1.4.In case of dissatisfaction/disagreement with the report of the medical examination/ medical test and its recommendations, the candidate may prefer an appeal to DoPT in the prescribed format (Annexure-II) either by post or online to reach DOPT within 7 working days from the date of publication of medical report on the website.

    I tried to search for this form Appendix-II but not able to find any.

    Whereas at the following link

    It is mentioned at above link : Candidates listed below are advised to login immediately, view the medical report,
    update their medical status and prefer an appeal, if need be,
    within the stipulated date indicated against their name.

    So I think it is sufficient .

    I am not sure about your question :- When appellate medical board generally constituted? Before or after the final result?
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