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How to interpret essay topics

I have this doubt about interpreting essay topics.

Eg if the topic says "Mangalyaan vs Poverty : Where should India focus"

Now in this what should be the basis(main body of the essay)

Option 1: focus on space programme/knowledge vs poverty

Option 2: focus on science and technology vs poverty

Since in option 1 one would focus on pros and cons of investing specifically in space related technology and in option 2 one would focus on pros and cons of investing in general science and technology ( not restricted to space)


  • @killer_queen : This is a general problem which most of us encounter while writing an essay.

    Let me explain you it in very simple sense..... If you have enough material to write on space programmes and their pros and cons as well as it's comparison with importance on povery alleviation programme, then it's better to stick with option 1 with slightly touching any other important technology. And this would always fetch higher marks as you won't be beating around the bush.

    Option 2 is not much desirable, but sometimes this type of strategy also works. As, more number of dimensions in essay fetch marks at time.

    So, it depends person to person. But, I usually prefer to go with option 1 as it is directly hitting the essay.
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  • @modernashoka thanks for the insight
    But even in first option there will be ample material to write as most of us can find numerous examples and applications of space technologies for socio-economic benefit apart from other benefits like national security,environmental conservation etc
    And those can be contrasted with need to focus on poverty and concluded as per individual opinion.

    What I am fearing is would such varied interpretation lead to a low score in essay paper because essay paper has high range of marks unlike GS 2 and 3.
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