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Haryana home state-interview questions..

friends since the outrage in haryana continues,its likely that haryana people maybe asked questions..lets discuss all thats possible.


  • @coolaspirant
    Why is sex ratio better in Mewat?
  • edited February 2016
    Do you think if pcpndt act be removed and sex determination before birth becomes no more an offence then sex ratio be improved??

    Especially in context of Haryana?
    At first they will ask why you're doing it, later they'll ask how you did it!
  • Issue of reservation..,. What changes needs to be brought about.... Why jats are demanding it.... If given will it yield the desired result..,,,.
    Issue of Maneka Gandhi suggesting disclosing the sex of the child.... Will it help fight the menace of low csr...
    Various schemes introduced recently with respect to women and girl child...
  • https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEJ_oaXcdPUvNl5vzw

    Telegram group for Interview prep with Haryana as Home state
  • 1. Maam, could you please tell, how did you prepare the home state for the interview? My home state is also haryana. Did you refer to(or would you recommend) books like Know your state by arihant publications or NBT books on Haryana or are these books not required for interview preparation? If you referred to any book for home state preparation, please mention the same.

    Also, maam , many people recommend madhukar bhagat's book how to excel in interview, would you recommend that book or is it not required for interview preparation.
    Also, did you refer to any book to prepare your hobbies or is internet sufficient to prepare the above things? Also, please mention how did you use internet to prepare, say home state or say, your hobby yoga, etc.

    1a) Maam, i have done my graduation, schooling from different states and my home state is different, so in that case i was wondering that if i start reading a book on each state then it would be really problematic(i.e. it would be too much of an effort). .So, does that mean that internet would be sufficient to prepare these states and questions related to them or do i really need to read some book on each of them??

    2. Also, maam can you please tell, which newspapers you used to read for interview preparation. Maam, do you used to prepare notes of the newspaper for interview also or only a reading is sufficient? Notes in the sense, did you use to prepare notes like in the case for mains exam(if in case, you used to prepare notes for the mains exam), thinking each news/issue from different dimensions or is that much level of exhaustive preparation of an issue is not required for interview preparation?

    Maam, can some tuition/online notes act as substitute for preparing the current affairs of the newspapers for interview.

    Also, maam, issues like syrian crisis or madheshi constitution of nepal, type of issues which are not important for mains exam often get asked in interview. So, for these issues do we need to prepare them during mains exam preparation itself or we can prepare these type of issues after the mains exam.

    Also, for home-state related news, do we need to keep track of it throughout the year or can it be prepared after the mains exam also?

    Basically, how did you prepare current affairs for interview and for home state related news/issues...

    .3. Also, maam, i am in college right now. Do you think, i can do something(say, some short course or achievements like publishing some research paper or winning an essay competition or becoming coordinator of some event in college, etc.) to make my DAF better. Do these things matter or are these useless for purpose of fetching marks in interview?.Should i just focus on the mains exam preparation without paying attention to these things or world these things fetch me some more marks in the interview.

    4. Maam, i have been reading the interview transcripts since past few days when they get posted on forumias, and i found that some interviews are just very random. I mean question begins from a predictable question and then the examiner goes on to things like case studies/hypothetical situations, etc. Is there any way in which one can prepare sufficiently(i.e. exhaustively) for the interview or is there some area which would always be left out during the interview preparation.

    5. Maam, my graduation subject and optional subject is same, so do i need to prepare(for purpose of interview) my graduation subject only to the extent of the syllabus given in the optional subject or do i also need to cover those topics of the graduation subject which are not there in the optional subject syllabus?

    6. Maam, how should we choose our hobbies? Yes, it sounds silly, but there are few hobbies on which notes of the toppers are easily available and these notes seem to be exhaustive, so would it be sensible to go for these hobbies? Moreover, i have found(while reading the interview transcripts of some candidates) that interview board often asks many questions on hobbies, so it would be very beneficial for a candidate who has good grasp of his hobbies.

    7. Maam, how do we need to prepare answers to general questions like: what would you do in xyz situation if you were DM/SP of abc region in times of floods, etc. Also, how do we prepare answers to general questions like why ias? why civil services? etc.

    With warm regards

  • edited April 2017
    @jitendr Sir, please clarify the above query, if you get time.
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