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Haryana home state-interview questions..

friends since the outrage in haryana continues,its likely that haryana people maybe asked questions..lets discuss all thats possible.


  • @coolaspirant
    Why is sex ratio better in Mewat?
  • edited February 2016
    Do you think if pcpndt act be removed and sex determination before birth becomes no more an offence then sex ratio be improved??

    Especially in context of Haryana?
    At first they will ask why you're doing it, later they'll ask how you did it!
  • Issue of reservation..,. What changes needs to be brought about.... Why jats are demanding it.... If given will it yield the desired result..,,,.
    Issue of Maneka Gandhi suggesting disclosing the sex of the child.... Will it help fight the menace of low csr...
    Various schemes introduced recently with respect to women and girl child...

    Telegram group for Interview prep with Haryana as Home state
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