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Economic survey 2015-2016

discuss all the important developments in Economic survey 2015-2016.moreover for those who are reading for the 1st time kindly suggest which area to focus.


  • well i haven't read economic survey ever.can some experienced peoples guide on which area and topics to focus and which topics needs to be avoided.
  • watch vision ias and mrunal vids on economic survey.
  • read vol 1
  • watch these simplified videos of Economic Survey
    Volume 1 Chapter 1 http://sh.st/IToPU
    Volume 1 chapter 2 http://sh.st/ITabo
    Volume 1 Chapter 3 http://sh.st/ITaYU
  • Bhai log...
    Currency in circulation total currency (coins, notes etc) which is with various agents of economy except RBI. This is perhaps less controversial.

    Currency with public is part of currency in circulation which does not make it to banks and is therefore lying directly as purchasing power with pubilc at large.

    It is important to note that currnecy and money are different and M3 measure of money closely represents the total purchasing power in economy.

    Money (purchasing power) is created out of currency by circulation via banking channel. And their ratio is velocity of money (which is affected by proportion of money with public, banking reserve ratios and other institutional factors)

    PS: Currency is a physical concept and is a vehicle for transactions. And money is a notional concept and a more elaborate one representing purchasing power.
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    Some self made prelims questions from Eco survey Chap 7 Volume 2-

    1) Find correct statements-

    A. RCEP is a proposed FTA which includes 10 ASEAN nations and its 6 FTA partners including CHINA, INDIA ,JAPAN ,AUSTRALIA etc

    B. The RCEP is only mega-regional FTA of which India is a part.

    a. Only A

    b. Only B

    c. Both

    d. None

    (See Page 160 of volume 2 for answer ✌️)


    A. Swadesh Darshan is a GoI scheme for development and beautification of pilgrimage sites.

    B. PRASAD is a GoI scheme for development of theme-based tourist circuits in country.

    Same options (page 163)
    Being IAS... 4 U Onlyyy... :-)
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    3) Baltic Dry Index is an index related to-

    A. Real Estate sector

    B. Irrigation sector

    C. Shipping sector

    D. Medical Tourism sector

    (Page 164)

    A. Hong kong convention on Recycling 2009 deals with regulation like those related to entire practice of Ship Recycling.

    B. India has not yet signed the convention.

    (Page 165)
    5)IMPRINT is an abbreviation for-

    A. Impacting Research IN Technology

    B. Improving Multi-Point Research In Technology

    C. Impacting Research Innovation and Technology

    D. Improving Research in Innovation and Technology

    (page 168)
    6) HITS technology will help India in which of the following-

    A. Horticulture development

    B. Digital Broadcasting and distribution

    C. Space Research Programs

    D. Therapeutic Sciences

    (page 172)
    7) Grassley-Durbin Reform Bill was recently in news. It is a/an-

    A. UK law related to SPS measure tightening impacting Indian exports to EU

    B. US law Bill which will have significant impact on H1B /L1 Visas fee in US hampering Indian interests in US.

    C. Russian Law regarding defense reforms which will impact India Russia Defense ties alot.

    D. Japanese law related to Constitutional changes in Military structure.

    (page 174)

    All the best :)
    Being IAS... 4 U Onlyyy... :-)
  • Questions from Eco survey Vol-1 chap 4-

    1) This year Eco survey calls which of the following sector as a Victim Of Own Past Success-

    A. Manufacturing

    B. Services

    C. Agriculture

    D. Shipping

    2) Rainbow Revolution term pertains to-

    A. Encouraging diversified crops especially Pulses etc

    B. All sector of economy gowing simultaneously

    C. Boosting tourism in 7 sub sectors

    D. Boosting immunization of 7 types of diseases.

    3)Identify correct statement/s-

    A. "Flood" irrigation is most extensively used irrigation method in India.

    B. It is a highly inefficient water use method for irrigation. So economic survey of this year asks for shifting from this method to other better methods.

    4) The Economic Survey 2015-16 mentions a term "Exporting Water". It is related to-

    A. Export of water intensive crops from country.

    B. Export of water to other countries as an act of philanthropy

    C. Export of Water Transportation related technology etc

    D. Brain drain of Indian talent.

    5) "Fertigation" a term mentioned in Eco survey this year refers to-

    A. A process of introducing Fertilizer directly into crop's irrigation system.

    B. A process of Fertilization of crops to change its irrigation characteristics.

    C. A process of Making GM crops from domestic crop species which will cater to domestic requirements.

    D. A new technology to create Bio Modified organisms using cross generational fertilization.

    6) According to Economic survey which of the following type of crops have Social returns more than private returns -

    A. Cereal crops like Wheat paddy etc

    B. Pulses crops

    C. Sugarcane like specific crops grown in specific areas of high water supply areas

    D. None of the above have Social returns higher than the private returns.

    7) NARS stands for

    A. National Agriculture Research System

    B. National Agriculture Research Symposium

    C. National Aeronautical Research School

    D. Non Allocated Rupees Subdivision System

    8)Economic Survey talks about A PULL SYSTEM OF RESEARCH in Agriculture sector. What mainly it is about-

    A. A research environment where government Act as a chief RnD agency and pull others later due to perceived benefits.

    B. A system of research where winner offered a proportionately large enough award for his agriculture innovation but IPRs of innovation should be transferred to government.

    C. A system of research where winner offered a proportionately large enough award for his agriculture innovation along with a strong IPR protection to innovators.

    D. None of the above.


    A.Price Dispersion in Agriculture is a ratio between the Highest (P95) and the lowest (P5) price of the crop in a country.

    B. If Price Dispersion is One it indicates That there is One Common Market for agriculture in that country.


    Being IAS... 4 U Onlyyy... :-)
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