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[Interview Preparation] Home State -Rajasthan 2016 (issues,questions&other)discussion

edited February 2016 in Interview Preparation
Hello friends,
please gather here for interview related discussion on Rajasthan issues.
These are previous years threads for Rajasthan

please contribute your experience and wisdom so that everyone can be benefitted



  • In interview i was asked

    why Shekhawati region has produced many industrialist.and why not alwar region.
    whats your views on creation of smaller states as Rajasthan is a largest state by area.
  • q from me
    1. guwar gum
    2. bhawari devi
    3. how would u take menace of child marriage as an sp
    4. indira gandhi canal

    expected q for 216
    1. rajasthan as an innovative state
    2. reforms in PRIs
  • i was asked
    why child marriages so prevalent in rajasthan and what is the role of bureaucracy in that.... i didnt understand the latter part at that time :/
    मैं खड़ा हूँ उसी दोराहे पे, आज भी इंतज़ार में तेरे !
    या तो ज़िन्दगी आये तेरे लिबास में! या मैं चलूँ फिरदौस की तलाश में !!
  • good initiative
  • found these questions on some other thread
    please consolidate these at one place

    1. What are the demographic indicators of Rajasthan?
    2. Why the female literacy is lowest in the rajasthan?
    3. Is this the reason of declining child-sex ratio in raj? How two phenomena are related?
    4. How has the position of women changed in raj according to u?
    5. What is the %age population of SC/ST in Raj?
    6. What are their problems?
    7. What would be your priorities if u made the DM of SC/ST dominated areas?
    8. Tell us something about the Rajasthani cuisine?
    9. Why Rajasthani people wear very colorful dresses?
    10. What are the problems of desert area ?
    11. Has the estabishment of Indira Gandhi Canal changed the scenario of desert? How
    12. Throw some light on the history of Rajasthan?
    13. Who were Rajputs and where they reign?
    14. What are the specialities of hill forts of Rajasthan?
    15. How were the relations of Rajputs with the Mughals?
    16. What are the economic problems/prospects of rajasthan/ur district?
    17. Why Industrial sector is not picking up in Rajasthan?
    18. Recently there was event in raj for the promotion of investment. What was it? Do you think it will help in industrial development?
    19. How Will the DMIC help in fostering the development of Rajasthan?
    20. What is the status of solar energy in rajasthan? Tell some initiatives of raj govt to promote this?
  • खम्मा घणी
    other coal producing states got benefited from national new mineral policy (1/3 royalty), what kind of royalty rajasthan govt gets paid from states oil fields
    मैं खड़ा हूँ उसी दोराहे पे, आज भी इंतज़ार में तेरे !
    या तो ज़िन्दगी आये तेरे लिबास में! या मैं चलूँ फिरदौस की तलाश में !!
  • can anyone compare rajasthan start up policy vs Modi's start up India scheme???

  • Hello friends ...gather here for state related discussion.if another thread is already active please post link .good luck for interview
  • Haa bhaiyon.Rajasthan walo Ki Majority Honi Chahiye Is Baar LBSNAA me.

    Sab Timing Ka Khel Hai.

  • In last csm interview I was asked about
    (David sir)
    1- tell me in brief about alwar
    2- why bhangarh is haunted ?
    3- is ghosts really exists? Why GOI promoting superstition? (These question were follow up of a discussion between members )
  • copy pasted from other thread
    Resurgent rajasthan
    Dying handicraft
    Witchcraft practice
    Tribe and issues
    Still BIMARU ??
  • copied

    Tell us something about the new tourism campaign of Rajasthan.
    Despite having immense mineral wealth why is level of manufacturing and industrialization low in Rajasthan?
    Amendment to Panchayati Act - issues and challenges
  • edited February 2017
    There are multiple threads on interview preparation for Rajasthan candidates. Is it possible to consolidate in one or all candidates use only one thread?
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