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anyone in with mechanical optional

All mech optional guys gather here to motivate other mech optional guys.


  • Hi! I'm with mech optional.
  • Yes Mech optional..
  • mech optional , can we make some platform to discuss points
  • Mech optional..
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    ME Optional
    Guys please let me know if you have any group for discussion abt ME. If not created please do share your contact if anyone interested to form a group.
    Contact no: 9871498467
    Whatsapp: 7007886216
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    yes, with mech. optional ..
    anyone have any idea, how is the result of mech. guys this year?
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    Appeard two time with mech. But no success yet. CSE 2016 total score in mech 205
  • Hello Mechie Brothers, All of you who are up for Mains 2017(having had considerable scores in Prelims), please start putting in your various inputs so as to how to get to years Mech Optional. About the previous years question papers. For those of you who are newly discovering this page, feel free to put in your 2 cents so as to what variance or pattern or realization you have. I, myself have been preparing extensively for the last one year for Mech Optional. Questions and doubts are welcome.
    I do realise that the repitition of previous years questions has only a scanty possibility. Having said that, I do think solving(or atleast preparing) previous years question papers would serve us with confidence. Also, since the syllabus is static and technical, we stand great chances of seeing a "Related to previous year" question.
    Higher the level of our activity and togetherness, the better will be the coordination and revelations on Mechanial Optional.
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