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Good Sources for IR and Diplomacy

Hello Friends,

Lets share good websites and sources, from where could get some useful information related to International Relations and Diplomacy. As we know they are very important for Mains and interview, I thought we should have a new thread for it.

Let me start first

http://www.indianexpress.com/columnist/c.rajamohan/ - His articles are superb :)

http://www.cprindia.org/blog/79 - Also I think his personal blog.

All the best :)


  • @chaitanya_gk
    Online resources: MEA, IDSA, World Focus, EPW
    Books: IGNOU,Does the elephant dance(if you have time).
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    Hello @Aayush,
    do you have soft-copies of the 2 books you have mentioned by IFS officers. Its very true that "read at least one book on IR by some IFS guy. It will give you a complete holistic picture of bilateral relations". 159/300 in 2012-mains is great(considering low scores in optional subjects previous year). It is certain that you have rock-solid basics :-\" . Your analysis too is nice.
    Can anybody upload these 2 books as mentioned by @Aayush.
    As for me, am reading Hindu religiously, read historical perspectives from IGNOU, CSR(lol, but will switch to CST.. ) and planning to dive into MEA, IDSA,etc only after prelims.
    Doing self-study as of now.

    Thanks :)
  • can anyone upload e-book of india's foreign policy by MUCHKUND DUBEY
  • edited August 2013
    @all.. I second @ashish07 ..
    same here, can anybody upload e-book of Rajiv Sikri and MUCHKUND DUBEY.
    Will be directly helpful for GS-2 and Political Science-paper 2.

    Also, I wonder whether MEA would suffice as it shares only India's perspectives/relations and doesn't discuss relations among other countries i guess.
  • @Aayush....great score....what was ur final result....i m appearing in mains this year...can u suggest the strategy of IR..i m thinking about going in the following manner..
    first going through rajiv sikri/ pax indica; then covering international relations country wise; then region wise and then international institutions wise ...can u suggest which sources to refer when i m trying to cover relations country wise( i m thinking about world focus for this).....also, do u have any idea about idsa book on bilateral relation( how good it is)?
  • i am preparing for 2014 and finished pax indica. now i turned to india and world dynamics, should i purchase one of these two book mentioned above or should i stick to what i already have ? :-/
  • @Aayush have u read both books in IR tht is rajiv sikri and muchkund dubey ??? which one did u like most for ir preparation in upsc point of view......... which book will u refer to other ias fellow aspirant [including me as well]......i m going to give2014 ias exam......
  • edited August 2013

    To which extent are Foreign Policy magazine and the diplomat magazine's articles relevant? I read few articles online and thought it quite good.
    Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living. - Albert Einstein
  • @ashish07 I have read Sikri's book. I have bought the other one, because one of my friends who got IFS this year (and wanted IFS by way of choice), and is into IR a lot, recommended me to read that book. So may be, I shall take a look at Muchkund Dubey's Book after my mains, for the interview. I may read selectively from it before Mains.

    I have found the books better than World Focus Magazine, which I collected and tried reading but got bogged+bored down.

    I would say buy less books, but read them, Try Sikri and if you like it, read more, build upon it.

    Why I say, read a book by Foreign Secretary guys, (or read their interviews or watch them on TV) is because they include most countries in their books, that too in less pages.

    @ashish07 See, some people may get through by just doing Vajiram notes while some people put a lot of effort. I was in this illusion that I know a lot (during my interview), but when I spoke to people , 7/10 are very knowledgeable while 3/10 would be just via coaching notes. I did feel a lot of knowledge gap in my preparation when I look at the 7. If I look at the 3, I would feel like I'm the best. But in competition, we have to not just be better than 3, but best among 10, and rest is luck.

    Especially if you have just decided to jump in, then it will be a good idea to increase your knowledge base so that you can compete with those who have been aligning themselves with CS prep since their college days.
    hi aayush,
    do you have any idea about these 2 books :
    1) India's Foreign Policy In A Changing World- by V.P.Dutt
    2) India's Foreign Policy: Retrospect and Prospect- by Sumit Ganguly

    both are written by well-established authors.. would be helpful if you could provide a personal opinion on any of these 2 books.. TIA
    [ CSE-2013 ]
  • @Aayush : thanks a lot for the prompt reply dude.. you seem to be extremely clear in you approach and methods.. hope you clear it this time.. my best wishes.. btw, are you opting for IFS as your 1st preference ?
    [ CSE-2013 ]
  • @Aayush so u saying tht Rajiv Sikri is better than muchkund dubey for writin answers in MAIN ??
    finally tell me which book should i buy to have a solid understanding of IR...(SIKRI or MUCHKUND)??
  • edited August 2013
    @Aayush seeing as you are good at IR, why didn't you take political science as your optional?
  • @Aayush 159 in GS-II, 199 in Pub Ad! You should have been there in the final list. Which paper went wrong? Essay? Second optional? Or interview?
  • @Aayush

    I have been following your posts. You are clear and insightful in your approach :)

    I did not understand what you meant by Ramaswamy's advice. Can you kindly clarify.
  • I found below book very helpful:

    I brought this long back but yesterday I read about India - Israel relations, and it is written very beautifully. Covering most of the things. You can give a try :)
  • edited September 2013
    Foreign policy of India -V.N.Khanna pdf copy. Download link.

  • Just a thought, to add to above suggestions.

    Never study India's International Relations like an Indian. If you think like an Indian, you will always feel like what ever India is doing is right and other countries are bad(Esp true in case of Pakistan and China). Think like a third person studying about international relations between two other countries.

    I think that will help in analysis of the historical phenomenon of international relations
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