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interview preparation: home state Haryana

Guys lets gather for questions from haryana state..


  • About BBBP and its performnce on sex ratio improvement
    may b effect of education qualification on new panchayat formations
  • And keep this thread alive
  • can we expect questions on Ashok khemka and Sanjeev Chaturevedi??

    otherwise khap role and related questions, culture of haryana, challenges of haryana etc questions might be asked.
  • Joint capital and associated problems...
    high per capita income but issues of caste discrimination, honour killing and low social indicator
    unbalanced regional growth with Gurgaon as the only main driver. Why not other places and what should be done.
    How does green revolution effected Hryana society, economy and environment. How to move farmers away from non ecological crops likes Rice.
    How will u stop the stubble burning by farmers if u become DC.
    Land acquisition problems. What are the problems faced by farmers after their lands are acquired. Is the latest land law good??
    Harappa civilisation and Haryana
    Tourism potential of Haryana
    Agriculture reform related to organic farming, marketting, dairy sector
    why Haryana performs good in sports and what should be done at national level to replicate the success of Haryana
    issues related to OBC quota to Jats
  • Few more topics:
    Chinese company's plan to invest 10bn $ in haryana,
    Big part of haryana comes under ncr.. pros and cons
    Haryana turning into a real estate based state with sky rocketing of land prices
    Outcomes of beti bachao and beti padao scheme

    Defining year of life has already begun, as I move toward final date with destiny. Final attempt with UPSC Civils in 2017* (6* Attempts, 3* Mains, 0* PI).
  • We can put here news articles related to haryana to stay in touch with latest developments. A collective effort can be useful.
    Defining year of life has already begun, as I move toward final date with destiny. Final attempt with UPSC Civils in 2017* (6* Attempts, 3* Mains, 0* PI).
  • lets start discussing issues one by one besides mentioning other topics whenever it comes to mind.. please also mention your districts.Mine is Ambala..

    are you people following any news about haryana on daily basis?

    i will be preparing on khap panchayats and regional inequality in haryana... will post my views soon.. if everybody can take some issue and share it , that would be fine for all.
  • yeah..i read i can put some issues which i like or dont understand we all can exchange info..

    we all can join in watsapp..i have made a group for interview prep..pls inbox ur number if interested..
  • i am from haryana and have faced 4 UPSC interview (2 civil+ 2 forest), and only two questions have been asked so far
    1. Khap (what it is??..why its acceptance?? and how shall it be tackled??)
    2. economic development vs social development in haryana.(do u think economic prosperity have brought social development?)
    Last attempt(2016)
    Prelims 5/6,Mains 2/4* interview 1/2

    1. recent panchyat election act
    2. khemka issue
    3. land use ( related to vadra , expect some judgement in feb/mar so might be hot topic)
    4. sports policy (or apolicy)
    5. urbanization problems of ggn , fbd
    6. rural problems / distress
    7. saraswati
    8. recent harappa sites
    9. some issues related to you job profile / optional
  • @FrodoReloaded1 nice questions. ..tell how they reacted over your share u r response..which board ?
  • @Hriti my number is 9582697607.. add me in interview preparation whatsapp group.. thank you.
  • Good it going to continue or people have migrated to Whatsapp?
  • i have created a new doc file on google docs... i am trying to add more and more information in this file..
    i have written my views on saraswati river revival in it... i have shared this file with 3 persons..

    please share your mail that i can share it with maximum people...please also keep writing more n more issues... ... we can have a whatsapp group also... i have joined one... yet things are moving very slow...

    it is not problem to explain and write more.... problem is we are not waking up and putting as much efforts as required...

    my phone number is 9582697607... anyone can whatsapp me...your most welcome...

  • No activity?
  • @Hriti my number is 9711088480 ,pl add me to whats app group
  • Hi sushil..grp no more active..sorry
  • Drugs in north haryna
  • Bbbp benefit slight improvements in sex ratio recently
  • Parkash Singh committee
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