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Philosophy Good coaching in Delhi?

edited January 2016 in Philosophy
Please someone tell me....
Which one is a good coaching for philosophy in Delhi?


  • Sabhi thik hain coachings to...

    Koi Mitra ka deewana hai, to koi Patanjali ke Geet gaata hai.... In dono ke alawa bhi hain shayad kuch coachings to.

  • OK, thank you
  • Kya philosophy Ethics k portion ko bhi cover kar legi?
  • Ethics ek general studies ka paper hai, which does NOT need any special and technical knowledge...

    Whereas, Philosophy ko aapko Masters level par padhna hota hai CSE ke liye ( Haalaanki Employment News mein Honours degree level likha rehta hai, lekin wo sirf likhne ki baat hai, questions to masters level ke aate hain), which definitely requires some special, in depth and technical knowledge about the subject..

    To, Philosophy padhne se Ethics lagbhag poora cover ho to jaayega... Lekin Philosophy mein bahut saari technical terminologies hoti hain, jo ki Ethics ke liye kisi kaam ki nahi hai, kyonki Ethics general studies ka paper hai..

    Par haan, Philosophy padhne se bahut saara yaa kahu lagbhag saara hi GS 4 cover to ho jaayega ( kuch Case Studies vagairah baaki shayad reh jaayengi, to uske liye to koi kuch khaas padhna nahi hota hai).
  • OK thanks, Hume
  • Thank you Ivan
  • So on the basis of of answer,Ivan, I can say I don't need any extra coaching for ethics.
    Thanks once again.
  • AksAks
    edited January 2016
    Generally, paper 1 of philosophy is related to ethics paper because this is where all philosophers like plato, aristotle, kant and indian philosophy is discussed in detail.

    However, paper 2 of philo is much more practical from the point of view of ethics paper where topics like equality, justice, liberty, individual and state, rights, duties and accountability etc are discussed.

    The thinkers which form a part of paper 2 syllabus like js mill, rousseau, amartya sen etc are more relevant for contemporary and practical portion of ethics.
    “Whatever it is you're seeking won't come in the form you're expecting.”
  • Philosophy new batch of Mitra sir is for 43,500/- including the test series, study material and audio, video classes
    Is it worth ?
  • edited April 2016
    I joined Mitra this Jan.
    He is good with teaching. covers everything. Test series ,included in course, is also good where he himself evaluates and gives good feedback.
    You can repeat course/class anytime in any batch without any question asked.
    The best part is that he is really helpful in everything, feel free to bother him anytime..apart from philosophy he gives genuine suggestions(if you ask him personally rarely deviates from topic in class) abt prep which will surely help you in long run.

    I have no idea about others so it might sound biased. I hope this helps.
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  • Fresher for 2017. I arranged Mitra's IAS notes somehow from a distant friend. Are those enough alongside the books mentioned or do I need to attend the coaching as well. please throw some insights whether to go for coaching or self study from the notes. If anyone attended Mitra's coaching, his/her suggestions will be of great help.
  • Best is Aashram IAS by Dr. Avinash Sinha. He is subject matter expert. Available both at Old Rajender Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar. He also did PhD in Ethics from IIT Kanpur.
    All the best!!!
  • does anybody has idea about philo optional marks of athar aamir(rank 2) this year??
  • avinas sinha frm aashram ias is jus good for nothing. had very poor n worst experience. he has jus com for tym pass. highly experienced in fooling ppl.
  • can anybody tell when Mitra's classroom program is oing to commence for 2017 mains?
  • really it would take maximum of 3 months for syllabus completion? any advice from senior aspirants..
  • Mitra's is really good.
    He will cover paper 1 in depth, completely.
    paper 2 is a bit general except for Philosophy of religion part which has to be mugged up.
    paper 2 helps in general topics, essay.
    However, it is a misconception that ethics is covered in philosophy.
    yes, you will get philosophical views covered in certain topics of certain philosophers.
    but, that does not mean ethics is covered.
    for eg: we have Kant in syllabus. but we study his philosophy, how he explains the evolution of life and the ultimate goal of human life. we do not do his deontological ethics which is should be done through paper 4 perspective.
    Mitra sir is really genuine and really very very helpful.
    you can directly approach him and get your answers checked. once you pay for class, you will be able to attend the batches that start later also. if you need revision just before mains next year, you can go and attend some classes or the whole syllabus again.
    I do not know about patanjali, i went there before going to Mitra's but they dint have test series included in the fee and there's a lot of crowd there as they have only one batch per day. Mitra sir takes 2 batches a day. one 11 to 1 and the other 5 to 7 or something like that. so thats pretty flexible if u miss a class, you can attend in the other batch.
    apart from this, i heard dharmender sir(patanjali) is brilliant in Indian Philosophy but some other faculty comes for western. that's what i have heard, not sure. some say dharmendra sir better for hindi medium.
    i hope that helps.
    all the best!
  • vainy123 said:

    really it would take maximum of 3 months for syllabus completion? any advice from senior aspirants..

    yes. philosophy syllabus is concise and easy.
    infact, many questions are repeated indirectly.
  • Avoid philosophy for upsc. Highly subjective paper. Paper 2 is super super subjective. In 2014 I got 225, in 2015 I got 112. Take some objective optional.

    It is a good subject for learnings of life. But not for upsc at all.
  • And paper 1 is tough if you actually want to understand it esp Kant, Hegel, Russel and Heidegger.
  • Hi People , I am thinking of doing online coaching of Philosophy from Mitra . Cost is 46K , if anyone is interested to share cost , please inbox me . It starts from 16 December.
  • दर्शन के लिए पतंजलि में मैंने 5 दिनों (जनवरी 17 में)का ट्रायल किया लेकिन उस समय फीस की समस्या की वजह से एडमिशन नहीं ले पाया तो उनके स्टाफ़ ने कहा अगले महीने जब न्य मोड्यूल शुरू होगा तब आ जाइयेगा और एक किताब जो पतंजलि में फ्री में मिलती है वो पा गया (पिछले वर्षों के पेपर्स का संकलन) पतंजलि वाले सर कहते है जो मैं पढ़ाता जाऊँगा(जैसे चार्वाक पढ़ाऊंगा तुम पूरा चार्वाक बना लोगे !!!!)तुम्हारे चैप्टर्स बनते जायेंगे,लेकिन फरवरी में उन्होंने प्रीलिम्स 17 के लिए बैचेस बंद कर दी और न्य मोड्यूल जून 2017 के बाद शुरू होगा।
    और मुझे बेमन से ही सहीेे(भाग्यवश) इग्नाइटेड माइंड्स में आना पड़ा मैंने देखा लगभग आधी से ज्यादे क्लास के पास पतंजलि के पुरानी फ्री वाली किताबे थी(ये पतंजलि में क्लास कर चुके थे***),अब मुझे लगने लगा है की कही मैं अमित सर का प्रचार तो नही कर रहा हूँ, लेकिन प्लेटो पढ़ने के बाद इतना लिखना तो बनता है इनके बारे में,मेरी एक सलाह है भाई अगर आप दर्शन के लिए कोचिंग की सोच रहे है ट्रायल तो बनता है दोनों जगह का आप खुदी समर्थ होंगे तय करने में ,इनके बारे में फोरम पे सूचना का अभाव पाया इसलिए लिख दे रहा हूँ। He teaches both english(key terms and definitions only) and hindi in same class.
    I think it will help....
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