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What is the difference between BRIC & BRICS?

What is the difference between BRIC & BRICS or BRICSA? Is it just addition of South Africa or is there more to it?
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  • BRIC - Brazil , Russia, India , China

    BRICS or BRICSA - Brazil , Russia, India , China, South Africa
  • Simple google would have done
  • BRICS = BRIC + S (South Africa)
    I am a real ghost (after dead type). I am being honest. Boooooo......
  • BRICS was BRIC before South Africa joined in 2010
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  • @rahulkoppati

    do look at the thread timeline and answer. It was asked in March 2012 :) If I go to 16th century and say Mobile phone, it will be godly :) Ain't it. In 2012, IBSA, BRIC, BRICS were all new :P

    My request, do not revive old threads.
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