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Does UPSC provides any rough sheet for Essay

while practicing i take one or two page just to jot down the points and make a struct and then start writing the essay .
But in main exam how to do this . make the 1st page rough page . and then after one essay same thing for the 2nd one .
or does we can take extra sheet and after the exam is over we can attach them with the main paper ..

attempting 1st mains .. seniors please though some light on this .


  • no....use the last two pages of answer booklet and then struck them off
    Humbleness, Ambition, Decisiveness, Compassion, Bigheartedness, Confidence, Killer Instinct, Morality, Dominance, Sense of Justice.
  • Ye bhi poochh lete ki....pencil...sharpner....eraser...milega kya :P
  • Is their a max min wordlimit for essay... Ideally how much should be the word limit/ number if pages to finish both essays?
  • Bhai scope quality and limit of time automatically will take care of word limit.
    About extra paper for drafting essay.... Ye koi puchhne ki baat hai.
    Common sense ye hai ki last page me draft banao. And yes all make draft for essay
  • Bhai log got my ans .. sory for posting such nonsense ques .. :blush:
    Thank you :smile:

    @mod please close this thread ..
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