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Germany as India's most imperative accomplice

Hi everyone
Germany brings whale of an opportunity ...
Just tell me if i am missing some points
1 Being a trading partner and a demographic deficit nation Germany provide thrust to progressing campaign be it Digital India make in India or skill India
2 it's an essential interlocutor in the India-European union talk on FTA shares perspective with India on much needed changes at UN level and is likewise liable to decidedly impact India's bid to permanent membership
4.furthermore it is backing India in NSG.
5.Germany being a clean energy champion can help India towards eco friendly technology
And correct me where I am wrong


  • kuchh bhi akdam bakdam thread bana do
    Doubt mera even if its akdam or bakdam does not matter to me ...What makes a difference is my ideas about subject are clear

    There will be few individuals who will respond just like you and there will be some who will answer to this thread ..
  • 4th point I hv nt read it. Could u plz explain it?
    Germany is the biggest manufacturer of the EU. Itz economy base is relativily broder than other eu members and innovation n clean energy me yes aaage hai. Plus Germany has been very optimistic about keeping trade relationships with India. EU vs indian trade deal me b Germany's point of view is softer for us.
  • Some of points you missed
    1. Germany has expertise in smart griding and micro grids
    2. German industrial collaboration can help immensely in Make In India especially in sectors like automobile where Germany has expertise and its a very promising industry in India
    3. Cultural collaboration: Increase in no of students going from India to German universities for higher studies. German language started again in KV schools
    The Wound is the place where the Light enters you.
  • @punditjee
    This news dates back to december 2010

    I wrote this point in the context that it has supported India's stance
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