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Thank you for your tremendous response, to the revision classes for Prelims 2017being conducted in New Delhi. Based on your requests and suggestions, we have come up with new classes as per below schedule
(1)Art & Culture Revision ( REPEAT ) - May 27th & 28th, (2) Modern History ( REPEAT ) - May 30th (3) Govt Schemes + Allied Issues - May 31st (4) Environment & Ecology - Friday, June 2

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The love Triangle Debate !!

Please provide your valuable perspectives on the love triangles of these three countries and the impact of changing dynamics of world politics on the relationship of these three...

India, Pakistan and Russia !!

If this thread gets the proper response, I would like to continue this as a series in the topics related to international relations...

Please give your opinion guys, ekdum dil khol ke bindaas, without any hesitation, please come forward... One or two lines of opinion or in some big paragraphs, all of them are equally valuable... So feel free to contribute !! :)


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    @FunaFuti Dear funafuti ji !! Thanks for your valuable suggestion... :) I will definitely incorporate it in my upcoming threads, if at all any would come... The reason for choosing these countries is very obvious as this issue has been in the news since the beginning of this year or perhaps a little before... I am waiting for your valuable opinion on this issue Ma'am... Thanks in advance !! :)
  • @Captain_Peroxide you have put it ekdum aptly bro.. it looks interesting in this way ;) I am looking forward for some more contribution from you... thanks brother !! :)
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    Guys please put your arguments with some facts and figures so that the argument can carry sufficient weight and look convincing... Thanks :)

    Although @Captain_Peroxide your style is nice ! :D now bhai ke thread mein please contribute more ;) :)
  • First comment of captain reminded me of a story from Amrita Pritam titled 'ye kahaani nahin'... :D
    Maine saari duniya Ko sudhaarne ka theka le rakha hai, so don't mind if I mind your business instead of my own.
  • tu pyar hai kisi aur ka tujhe chahta koi aur hai....
    ( as usual )

    @Captain_Peroxide abe murkha balak, its a man !!
    tu ladka hai...kal ko koi tujhe she bol de toh tu ladki thode na ho jayega ?? chal beta story ko modify kar le accordingly ;)
  • 'She' is appropriate as we call her Bharatmata, not pita. :)
    Always remember...The best is yet to come.
    2016. History.

  • भारत मेरा देश है, और भारत माता मेरी मातृभूमि। एल ओ एल :P
    Maine saari duniya Ko sudhaarne ka theka le rakha hai, so don't mind if I mind your business instead of my own.
  • It's a love quadrilateral now India china Russia Pakistan
    The world is filled with amazing things you'll probably never notice if you keep staring at your GODDAMN PHONE.
  • I disagree. It's a Kite and neither a triangle nor a quadilaterlal :wink:
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  • @Captain_Peroxide Bhai .. Paani me aag laga di tumne. Maza aa gaya.
    सुख के सब साथी, दुःख में ना कोई
    मेरे राम, मेरे राम
    तेरा नाम एक साचा दूजा न कोई
  • thoda syria pe bhi najar dalo..
    syria ko jisko man karta hai wahi baja jata hai !!
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