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Right Wing V/s Migration (Europe)

In wake of syrian crisis. a recent wave of migrants have poured into europe. these migrants are from various parts of the world sub saharan africa and other middle east countries.

while it is clear they all are suffering from XYZ economic and political repressions in their own country one this is common. they all blame EU and America for their state's failure.

this migration wave resulted in EU falling into a crisis situation. EU was not doing so well over the past few years but with the recent influx of people has made it worse.
There has been cases of migrants assaulting and raping the women, and above all shortage of social welfare funds for the citizens of the county like Britain, Netherlands, Germany etc.

this influx has served as a boon for the right wing parties. recently in Switzerland the SPV (anti immigration)party won the election.

in the wake of recent events how do you expect the situation to grow? and what are the aspects responsible for the migration and should europe which is already in economic crisis give in the call for more refugees?
काले घर में सूरज चलके, तुमने शायद सोचा था, मेरे सब मोहरे पिट जायेंगे. मैने एक चराग जलाकर रोशनी कर ली,
अपना रस्ता खोल लिया :)


  • If you observe the election results of last 5 years across Europe, the vote share of Far Right Neo-Nazi parties have increased manifold. Only a decade back these parties used to be on the fringe with mere 2-3% votes and now they have their elected representatives with a base vote share 10-15%. If this upward trend continues, then very soon their vote shares will start translating into seats exponentially. My bet is on France, it will be the first European state to fall to Neo Nazis.
    Jab dil mein aag lagti hai to, dimaag jal jaata hai aur zameer jal ke raakh ho jaata hai.
  • Jab dil mein aag lagti hai to, dimaag jal jaata hai aur zameer jal ke raakh ho jaata hai.
  • seriously neo nazi is the term you are going to use..!! L-)

    these ordinary citizens are facing real problems over there due to influz. i created this thread so we could discuss the problem without labeling anyone as Muzzies or Neo nazis.

    as far as i think every sovereign country has the right to defend it's borders and have the sole right to determine if they want to accept people as refugees or not.
    one can say it's humanitarian aid but i think the country should think about it's own citizens and their welfare first and then open the doors for charity.

    but unfortunately miss merkel has open the floodgates to improve her public image and to portray germany as a humanitarian oriented country without realising the consequences her citizens have to face.
    काले घर में सूरज चलके, तुमने शायद सोचा था, मेरे सब मोहरे पिट जायेंगे. मैने एक चराग जलाकर रोशनी कर ली,
    अपना रस्ता खोल लिया :)
  • Humanity cannot confined to nations,what is the purpose so called development and progress when we cant help the needy and helpless and my dear don't forgot we all migrated from some place or other infact human evolution is a product of migration
  • most of these so called migrants are fleeing from syria africa and afghanisthan in search of good life and job and to escape from poverty in their homeland and not because of any war ...even pakistanis are also going first to syria and then taking a boat to europe to live their remaining life lavishly...why no arab country like saudi jordan have opened their gates..its sure to have grave consequences in european way of life..fingers crossed for coming years in europe..
    THE HINDU : hinduism is responsible for all ills in this world including the extinction of dinosaurs..
    hindu tanman hindu jeevan rag rag hindu mera parichay
  • europe has learnt a lesson from India it seems.
    India is paying the cost of allowing those who wanted partition to live in India
  • What we are forgetting is that the world and the future of its nations is deeply connected to each other
    The rise of far right in Europe is an extremely dangerous trend as it shows the growing support among citizens of these nations
    Anyway, many of these powerful countries have a considerable minority population,already suspicious about the intent if the majority
    The coming to power ofcsuch political parties will further strengthen the mutual distrust and stereotypical attitudes
    This would i a readmade base for extremist tendencies as is being seeing in Britain and France
    This would only strengthen the likes of Al qaeeda and isis providing them with more resources and linkages to target the other nations like india and Israel.
    So the current problem of growing extremist tendencies in Europe is not only a European problem but a global one
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