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Shabbir Sir[Vajiram] for Geography: Student Feedback

edited April 2013 in Geography & Geology

Can students with experience of having studied under Shabbir Sir of Geography, who teaches as Vajiram provide feedback for new UPSC aspirants?
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  • @Neyawn

    I took classes at Direction ( Neetu Singh) and test series at Vajiram under Shabbir sir. But during my test series, he took a few classes on Geographical Thought, so I have a fair idea of both the teachers and their style of teaching.

    In my opinion, Shabbir is light years ahead of Neetu ma'am when it comes to conceptual clarity and crystal clear elucidation. Neetu ma'am always seems to be in a hurry to rush through the course. She is okay in Paper I, dismal in Paper II.

    He is very dedicated as well, unlike Neetu ma'am who just pretends so. Shabbir sir also checks your test papers meticulously( doesn't have to be enrolled in test series for this, he usually encourages regular class students to practice answer writing), gives you feedback if you just take pains to approach him personally after the class. In sum, it's up to a student to get the best out of Shabbir sir. The more you interact and pose questions, the more he helps you get better at both understanding the subject and writing quality answers in Geography. The only downside with him is that he sets high standards while awarding marks. So one shouldn't dishearten if he awards rather paltry marks for below average and superficial answers.

    Any further queries are welcome.
  • I joined Shabbir sir's class in month of october 2012....
    Overall a very nice experience.He takes personal interest in ur preparation be it geography or ur GS.After a month of teaching he usually gives questions to do and gives his personal comment on every answer u write.u can submit ur answers thousands of times...he wud gladly check it.
    About concept clarity i was satisfied but i dont have any idea about other coachings.
    He also asks students to maintain synopsis for every topic covered in class as well as of ur GS subjects...and he gladly checks them as well.
    About course completion...he promises to complete 80-85% course...not sure abt other coachings how much they cover.
    So overall a great teacher !
  • I would agree with both of you. He actually takes a lot of pain in helping students, especially answer writing. Then he takes the map classes meticulously as well. Also, he gives feedback on other issues like newspaper reading, essay etc.
    The only flip side could be that he rushes through last topics of paper II in a hurry as compared to Paper- I, but then it is understandable because those topics do not require as much conceptual understanding. (and geo has a vast syllabus)

    PS: have not attended any other teacher's geo classes/test series, so will not be able to compare.
  • Thank you all for the feedback :-) Appreciated.
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  • Awesome teacher , quite experienced , stresses on concept clarity , motivates students , correct pace !
    Currently The best in India !!!
  • edited November 2013

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  • Absolutely great teacher! Found his class notes very good..usually updated with latest info and figures. Helps u out with everything..essay,gs, optionals. Provides latest materials related to optional in his test series. And most importantly, extremely approachable.
  • @Pink_Floyd @cse_aspirant does vajiram provide separate test series for mains? And does shabbir sir give personal feedback too?? I have heard a lot about him.
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  • @shivi2013 @Neyawn Can you please help me in getting Geography Optional notes (latest...atleast 2012's) by shabbir sir. Kindly reply back... Need it please...

    When they say you can't do it, it definitely means you have to do it!
  • @checkmate xerox is available at kumar book shop in ORN, but the notes were of 2010/2011 batch the last time i checked. U can confirm again. It would be better if u can find someone frm some latest batch and get their notes xeroxed. Gud luck!!
  • does shabbir sir conduct classes for GS geography module ?
  • @shivi2013 Thanks but I have tried my best and couldn't find any. If you have any friend of yours from the latest batch, I will be thankful if you can provide me his contact details. I will make xerox of the notes and return it in an hour for SURE....
    When they say you can't do it, it definitely means you have to do it!
  • @checkmate sorry buddy..i too bought the notes from kumar's shop. It was a big bundle and from an old batch!! That person wasnt ready to sell individual booklets X( thats why i suggested taking them from some regular student, so that u can get only the portions u need.
  • yeah... I need to find one from the current batch!!! :/
    When they say you can't do it, it definitely means you have to do it!
  • Hi ppl..
    Can you give me suggestions in joinin for geography optional in delhi?
    M greatly confused whether to join shabbir sir or neetu singh mam or alok rajan sir..
    Kindly help me in deciding..
  • Shabbir is hands down the best teacher in geography for civils(infact best across all optionals i presume)...has integrity to go along with an impeccable work ethic...only drawback...takes around 140 days to finish and sometimes can unnerve you by asking you to refer to numerous books (p.s if you want to crosscheck his mettle...go outside his claases and ask guys who are currently as above for rest of the will find for yourself)
  • how is geography classnotes for GS at vajiram?? are they taken by shabbir sir? gaurav aggarwal has suggested that in his blog? can anyone tell how is it and is that exhaustive??
  • @all - does shabbir sir conduct classes for GS geography module
  • Is Shabbir Sir's class room and printed notes available in the market and Are they understandable means one who haven't attended, but has taken classes from Shashank atom, his classes can understand everything from his notes and study material only ?

    I wanted to take shabbir sir's classes but can't take now... So help pls give your valuable suggestions ^:)^
  • Any idea about Shamim Anwar Sir
  • can anyone here tell how to get audio recordings of his class/
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