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OPSC Civil Service , 2015

Dear Friends , lets start some meaningful discussion here and lets clear the much awaited OAS exam this yr itself .....


  • Exam Syllabus :- Odisha PSC Civil Service Pre Exam Syllabus is given below :


    -- Current event of National and International importance;
    -- History of India and Indian National Movement.;
    -- Indian and World Geography-Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World;
    -- Indian Polity and Governance-Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights issues, etc.
    -- Economic and Social Development sustainable Development, Poverty, inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector Initiative, etc.
    -- General Issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change that do not require subject specialization, and General Science.


    -- Comprehension;
    -- Interpersonal Skills including communication skills;
    - -Logical Reasoning and Analytic ability;
    -- Decision Making and Problem Solving;
    -- General Mental Ability;
    -- Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude) (Class-X level).
    -- Data interpretation (Charts, Graphs, Tables, Data Sufficiency etc. — Class-X level); and
    English Language Comprehension Skills (Class-X level).
  • OAS Syllabus........
  • Dear Friends ....do any one have old question paper before 2006 ......

    Orissa: OAS results announced

    Bhubaneswar: The final results of the Odisha Administrative Service (OAS) conducted by the Odisha Public Service Commission (OPCC) were announced on Saturday. A total of 378 candidates came out successful.

    As per the publication, while Sambit Kumar Gadanayak was declared the overall topper, Anita Panda, who stood next to Sambit, was declared the topper in the women's list. Similarly, Indira Sahu stood third, Satyjit Rout fourth, Devi Prasad Mohanty fifth, Gopinath Kuanar sixth, Sunetra Nayak seventh, Ambika Prasad Dash eighth, Ashis Kumar Das ninth and Trilochan Mohanty 10th in the list.

    The OAS preliminary examination was conducted in May 2007 and the result was published in March 2008.

    After publication of preliminary result, some of 830 candidates of unreserved category alleged that they had been excluded from the Main examination due to wrong reservation policy.

    The students argued that as per the OPSC recruitment advertisement there were 380 vacant posts in civil services. Accordingly, 4,560 candidates should have been short-listed for the main examination.

    Instead, only 3,730 candidates were declared qualified to sit for the main examination. They had also challenged their case in the High Court.

    < html > http://www.orissadiary.com/CurrentNews.asp?id=18631 < /html >

    - See more at: http://www.orissadiary.com/CurrentNews.asp?id=18631#sthash.OSrQBf41.dpuf
  • When pre exam go in to start
    A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you.
  • After submitting fee..do I need to do anything on online portal?
    Or its over for me?
    A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you.
  • After payment of fee..u r done..nothing to do in portal
  • Friends if u have mcqs or any good exam material .... u can post here ....
  • Hope this time opsc will conduct exam sincerely and in time bound manner..thanks to govt which decided to abolish OAT ..probably exam will b held on 1st November ATB
  • Ya ...submission of fee is the ladt process and regarding the commencement of exam as of now it has been declared tentatively that exam is going to be held on 1st November .....there may be some probability of postponing .....but the probability is less as compared to as that of earlier years as this time after high court order govt. has decided to conduct the exam every year . So if govt delays in the beginning that to at prelims stage , then the entire process will be delayed and again problem come for next yr . So if in any case exam delays it will be for only few days ...say at max 1 month ...so if u believe in this administrative logic then u shoid ready for the worst and hope for the best ....so ready for nov 1st !!!
  • Ya Mr. DEB ....yr approximation is just the same as I have ...... keep on providing use ful matterial and information here ....
  • Friends plz tell how to and where to read Odisha related GK in a much productive way .... soo many materials are there and so many publication ....which will be better ...plz share some experience ....
  • Odisha Civil Services Examination, 2015 is for PWD only. Is it??
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Analysis of OAS 2011 Prelims GS paper

    Physics :
    -- 8 questions

    -- Easy and technical questions are coming

    -- Examples : MLT unit and dimension , Boyels law , properties of waves ,
    Diamagnetism , energy stored in a capacitor and its formula , , RC coupled amplifier , layers of atmosphere ...etcs

    -- SOURCES : lucent science ( here you can get everything at one place ) , or ncert books class 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 ( but its time taking ) , or any OPSC guide like B K publication or Arihant publication ( but what I have seen these publications are only quick revision purpose , yr fundamental which is necessary to attend obj. questions remain uncleared )
    Better to practice MCQs as much as possible , because it seems few popular sets of questions are comming , there is also possibility that u get direct mcqs from yr practice paper , provided yr quantity of coverage and mcqs exercise shud be such that it will take care of entire Syllabus under its ambit ...

    -- Other books r also there for mcq practice like Arihant 14000 + questions book ( followed by UPSC and state pcs exam aspirants ) , even mobile apps like Sana provide good coverage of mcqs ( caution : many answers are wrong , but quality of questions are OPSC standard )

    Chemistry :

    -- Again technical , but easy for science streamers .

    -- Example : mole ...NTP problem , energy level ....n1 , n2 , n3 ... , half life periods and formula based problem , , order of radio activity , chemical bonding , bio chemistry and pollution related , simple reactions like glucose + brominated water ...., oxidation reactions ....etc ...

    -- MCQ practice will do along with little theory

    -- Book and Resources : same as above , but after careful evaluation and self introspection

    Biology :
    -- Standard of Questions : same as UPSC , so practice old UPSC question , ya obviously some basic knowledge required

    -- Questions from areas like wild life sanctuary and locations , biofuels , diseases like polio , virus , bacteria , fungi , antibiotics , dna finger printing , stem cell related , vitamins , vit a and golden rice , honey bee , nano technology ...etc .

    -- Book and Resources : same as above , but after careful evaluation and self introspection

    ......... continues ( for rest of subjects ) ..... coming soon

    Your suggestions are welcome .....
  • I think one should focous more on core area like polity.history..geography along with that keep updating current affairs..for science and technology lucent gk or arihant is useful..ecology and environment is another important area..for that ncert will help..make good use of internet
  • Ya deb u r right .... I am coming with analysis of other topic soon ....

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Analysis of OAS 2011 Prelims GS paper

    Polity and Governance :
    -- Number of Questions : 30 .... approx
    ( from questions no . 26 to 35 + 38 to 42 + 101 to 109 + 111 to 113 + 2 Question from odisha polity )

    -- This is an important area which can't be and should not be ignored as max no . of questions are coming .

    -- UPSC standard questions are coming , but not so logical as that of UPSC ( jahain aapko dimag lagana padta hey )

    -- A good quantity of MCQ practice having some sound basic knowledge will be more than enough .

    -- something u should not ignore : Schedule no. , important yr , names of President , vice president , pm , important personalities of constitution assembly , important year , date , articles of constitution .... grass root level democracy and PRI .....

    -- many popular and fundamental questions are coming , so try to solve mcqs as many as you can , it seem from there itself you will get around 80 per cent questions corrected , but ya u should know the fundamental .

    -- Qeestions from the areas and topics like GoI Act 1935 , union council of Ministers , power of President , Panchayats , Amendment , IPR , schedule , RTI , globalisation , constitution assembly , important act like domestic violence act , development administration , important schemes like PURA .....are coming which u should not ignored .

    -- important scheme of state governments shud be taken care of .....and schemes like Integrated Action Plan or similar schemes for poverty alleviaton , tribal , rural development shud be given specialattention .

    -- Books : Lucent GK , Arihant , Laxmikant if u r friendly with it , Odisha govt. web page , old UPSC questions ..... and SANA ( but care full few ans are wrong ) .....

    -- Finally a smart preparation along with an well integrated approach will solve yr purpose .

    ....... continues ( for rest of subjects ) ..... coming soon

    Your suggestions are welcome .....

  • Like what happened in upsc after introduction of csat..the paper 2 will determined the fate..so we should more focous on paper 2 as it scoring
  • Yes .... u r absolutely rt .....as many people in Odisha are preparing for Bank exam and they r also appearing here ...they will certainly make the environment more competitive ....
  • @debjyoti u r right but the banking aspirant lack in gs and comprehension part..apart from that in mains they hav to face two optional paper so they may not pose serious threat to real civil aapirant
  • Anyone appeared ocs 2011 mains??
  • Is the last date over for registration?
  • Is the last date over for registration?
    21 September last date
  • Anyone has any idea about sources for odisha history and geography for mains?
  • Internet is the best source friend .... or if u want book ...l am telling the address as said to me by my friend
    1) just left side of Banibihar squre .... a small cabit , but known for its competitive materials collection ...Malaya Book Store

    2) On the way to Rajmahal Squre from AG squre .... the first left street , just few meter from AG squre ... where once old bus stand was located ... there is a store which is known for great variety of competitive matterial collection ...u can get yr book there ....
  • Specially A publication from Competition GURU is publishing good materials for OAS .... its known for its 5000 + mcqs on odisha gk .... I think this publication must have some material for odisha history and geography
  • Or u can refer materials published by BK or Arihant Publication .....
  • Ok plz clarify about ocs 2011
  • General knowledge questions and answers about Orissa

    General knowledge Quiz QuestionsaboutIndian state - Orissa for all competitive exams like upsc, psc, bank exams, quiz, intelligence bureau, ibps, bank clerk, RRB and postal assistant.

    1. What is the capital of Orissa ?
    Answer: Bhuvaneshwar

    2. Which is the state animal of Odisha ?
    Answer: Elephant, Sambar

    3. Which Indian state is known as "Soul of India" ?
    Answer: Orissa

    4. Which Indian state was known as Kalinga in ancient age ?
    Answer: Odisha

    5. Which Indian state was known as Utkala in ancient age ?
    Answer: Odisha

    6. Which Indian state was known as Udra desh in ancient age ?
    Answer: Odisha

    7. What is the name of classical dance of Orissa ?
    Answer: Odissi

    8. Which dance is known as Sculpture in Motion ?
    Answer: Odissi

    9. What is the former capital of Orissa ?
    Answer: Cuttack

    10. Which is the first state to privatize the production and distribution of electricity in India ?
    Answer: Odisha

    11. Which Indian state has highest percentage of poverty rate in India ?
    Answer: Orissa

    12. Which is the first state to eradicate Malaria in India ?
    Answer: Odisha

    13. Who is the first chief minister of Orissa ?
    Answer: Harekrushna Mahatab

    14. Who is the present chief minister of Orissa ?
    Answer: Naveen Patnaik
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