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[CSM] Electrical Engineering as Optional

edited September 2015 in Engineering
I am thinking of taking EE as an optional for 2014 IAS. My reasons are -
1. I did my graduation in it. (ECE, B. Tech.)
2. The option for IES also opened. If I could not make it to the civil services, I would prefer a technical job. IES will be my back up plan.
3. (I think) it can be pretty scoring if you have strong command over it. Prince Dhawan (AIR-3) had it last year.
4. You don't have to write too much in it.
5. I kind of like it.

What are your thoughts?

If someone else is also thinking on the same lines, we can make a study group. Not much help is available in the market, so study group will be helpful.


  • @bulla hi I m also preparing with electrical as optional. but I will be giving the paper in 2013 itself
  • nice pic @bulla
    [ CSE-2013 ]
  • @wan2bifs It's my real pic. ;) Are you also writing exam with EE?

    @Oceanus : Best of luck bro!
    Share your strategy someday if you have time.
  • edited April 2013
    yea count me in,gave ies interview this year now preparing for civil services
  • if u people can take ee as optional then u deserve a salute ......
    i too tried to have it as opt but retreated soon coz with such a vast syllabus of gs .... it was not possible for me to take both...
    but as well said " neither everyone is same nor their abilities , some can touch the sky standing on the ground some will have to fly"
    each-time you're defeated you come closer to the victory
    | political science |didn't qualified in first attempt- 2014, but this isn't the end.
  • @bulla for strategy visit ...
    he was the 3rd topper last year..
    each-time you're defeated you come closer to the victory
    | political science |didn't qualified in first attempt- 2014, but this isn't the end.
  • good to c others also taking electrical engineering as an optional....
    i am waiting for CSE-2012 final result and then only i will let u know that i will give paper this year or not.......
    Electrical Engineering | Geography | Indian Foreign Service 2013
  • hi everybody
    I have done BASc Electronics .I have also planned to take EE as optional but everybody says not to go with it because since I have not done BTech most of the subject will be new and will take time for me so i opted for POL SCI but still my heart goes with electrical only .I am very much confused. Please share your views & help me.
  • I was took electrical and geo in 2012 bu unfortunately cudnt clear prelims.

    This year due to change in mains pattern i wud keep geo to have integrated approach and will drop EE, even though very good command in EE.
  • I have started a whatsapp group ,right now we are group of 3.
    We have qualified IES this year with under 20 ranks so would like only serious aspirants.
    Those interested can message me,as we will have maximum of 10 members in our group
  • sir i am going to give cse next year...this year m goin to give ies...sir can i join ur group...since i hav family prob i can not take coaching plz help me sir..
  • hi everybody
    I have done BASc Electronics .I have also planned to take EE as optional but everybody says not to go with it because since I have not done BTech most of the subject will be new and will take time for me so i opted for POL SCI but still my heart goes with electrical only .I am very much confused. Please share your views & help me.
    I would suggest you to go ahead with Pol Sci. Electrical engineering is quite different from Electronics (except for analog, digital systems, microprocessors). It includes Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electrical machines which may not be easily comprehensible to someone who is opting for self-study and with no back ground in EE. Even electrical engineers avoid writing the Mains with EE as optional. Hence, please rethink & decide. All the best!

    One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.
  • Hey slyth 123 what was your score this year in electrical engineering?
    @ everyone else
    What has been generally the trend of scores in electrical engineering this year?
    Optional: Electrical Engineering
    CSE 2014 : AIR 09
    Blog: billano786.wordpress. com
  • Hi everyone ...i am from EC branch and too preparing IAS 2014 with EE as optional..i have cracked IES this time with AIR 25 so having good control of electronics but for electrical part and that too in Paper-2 have to do some work in Power what u say how should we start
  • @ashes
    I have heard about 3 people who cleared with EE this year. One of my senior obtained under 50 rank. Every year 70 - 80 people appear and out of them 3 - 5 people clear.


    @anujgupta88 : I have the same issue. I will be going to Delhi and looking for made easy material. Then only I will decide whether EE is for me or not.

    @everyone with EE: Since solved papers are not available in the market, we have to solve them here and help each other. Who is in?
  • Electrical engineering is very good scoring optional subject and easy too.

    Rather than going for any coaching material i would suggest stick to the text books.

    For non-electrical engineering candidate this subject may be please avoid it.
  • @dp81 rightly said....
    i am taking my chance as tech prep is good but you know it decrements as time progress as we have to conc. on wide GS part
    @bulla buy made easy notes and prepare yourself

    have anybody surfed in internet the unsolved papers available in mrket if yes pls provide the link i need to buy to analyse it
  • I was in dilemma as earlier my options were Geography and Electrical engg. Being from IIT Electrical engineering appeared easy to me, as i could easily solve the previous year papers. But after introspecting myself after change in mains pattern from 2013 onwards i opted for Geography.

    Following are the reasons which motivated me Geography :

    1. It is inclusive preparation including Geography, as it gives you more confidence for GS papers. Unlike earlier pattern where it was a game of optionals. but now its a game GS which means inclusive and holistic and broad picture of the society and world around us.

    2. If I choose Electrical engineering i would have to complete change the zone & arena of analysis and knowledge, since GS and Electrical engineering are no way related. So in a way selection of Electrical engineering would reduce the analytical capability of an individual (this is my personal experience).

    3. In earlier Mains mode i.e pre 2012 we were forced to take another optional subject. So candidate/junta took the subject of graduation as opt1 and the subject helpful in GS as opt 2.

    So this is my point of view I might be wrong in someone's view.

  • for those who are taking electrical optionals, i have one dilemma for solving previous papers. Some 20 marks questions take around>2 pages (especially if its power system related) while some questions with high marking (like 10 or 20 marks) takes just half the page to solve. what we have to do in such cases? taking only half page for a big marker question, do we need to add extra stuff???
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  • @bulla
    Is there no publication by Made Easy for EE Mains solved papers? Also, discussing EE problems here would be a great way to brush up one's fundamentals :)
    One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.
  • @bulla : I am also taking EE as optional for CSE 2014
    कह दो इन हसरतों से कहीं और जा बसें, इतनी जगह कहाँ है दिल-ए-दाग़दार में
    उम्र-ए-दराज़ माँग कर लाये थे चार दिन, दो पढ़ने में कट गये दो रिजल्ट के इन्तज़ार में
  • @bulla , @Oceanus , @ripon , @dp81 , @ashes , @devilsdisciple : Below is a quote from @slyth123 . He has clearly pointed out that he scored ordinary marks despite attempting solidly (560+/600) in EE. What can be done to improve scores in CSE 2014 . Is it possible to get a decent score in EE or not ?
    @slyth123 brother please post your score here ?
    My Marks:
    Paper 1 76
    Paper 2 142
    Total 218
    ESSAY (PAPER-III) 100 (Science & Mysticism)
    FINAL TOTAL 1039

    I got a rank.I am extremely happy too.
    But just thinking about electrical paper.
    After 4 years of work, when i started preparing for civil services exam in 2012,i took electrical as an optional.People flooded me with their negative reviews of engineering subjects.But i opted it and soon realized that we have to study at least 20 times more in engineering subjects as compared to arts & literature. It was difficult but not impossible and my confidence grew up in the journey.On the D day, i attempted very solidly 560+/600.Since most of the paper has numericals, i thought i would easily got around 400+, since it don't have subjectivity as compared to arts papers.But,its heartbreaking to see when one get ordinary marks.
    In my interview, board was impressed to know i took engineering subject and most of the questions they asked were related to utility of technology to check problems like crime,corruption and empowering rural India.
    So, i am glad that i took correct decision and did justice to my graduation and 4 years of work ex. :)

    Answer writing practice saved me in GS,Essay and Geography which i started from July'12.
    I can empathize with your guys,don't extend this negativity as it was a part of bigger game play by UPSC.
    All who didn't make this year, just buckle up your seat belt for ride to success.
    Best of luck guys.

    कह दो इन हसरतों से कहीं और जा बसें, इतनी जगह कहाँ है दिल-ए-दाग़दार में
    उम्र-ए-दराज़ माँग कर लाये थे चार दिन, दो पढ़ने में कट गये दो रिजल्ट के इन्तज़ार में
  • @roshhan : I have dropped the idea of taking EE. I am going with anthropology instead. Here are the reasons why -
    1. My branch was ECE not EE, so 40% syllabus was new for me.
    2. The level of IAS EE is toughest among all other exam (IES, GATE).
    3. No gap before exam. All mains papers are continuous.
    4. Now only pre defined space is provided for solving question. A disadvantage for solving numericals.
    5. Very lengthy syllabus.
  • @bulla @roshhan

    Optional for me in 2012 : Geo + Electrical ( but cudnt clear prelims )

    well i also dropped the idea of EE due to pattern change as i already discussed in previous post...

    I opted for Geo instead of EE because, Geo according to me had integrated approach with GS and Geo-II is completely Economic, Demographic etc...

    It is not that I was afraid of huge syllabus of Electrical engg but i saw huge advantage of Geo over EE in news mains pattern...

    Individuals may have different opinions on this too...afterall its matter of easiness in preparation and convenience too.... and also combo of IES cum IAS or only IAS

    there are other very good optionals if u have already not studied any optional like me ( which I studied Geography ).

    Political science and Internation relations
    Literature (becoming more popular now a days)
  • i also have electrical as optional. gave mains 2013.
    i screwed my optional. reason- being first timer, i just dint do justice to optional. less practice and all such appropriate reasons.
    so even though i may get a rank, it wont b in top 400 or something.
    hence preparing for 2014 again.
  • Concerns expressed by others for electrical as optional are perfectly valid. But it really isnt that tough. Every subject has its own language and learning strategy. For science subjects, tht strategy is called practice and revision.
  • @ansh2188

    Electrical engineering paper was doable for mains 2013 (of course in exam hall my opinion could have been different)
  • edited January 2014
    yup it was doable and it has nothing to do with exam hall. real fault was in my preparation. thrown more weightage of preparation on gs. mismanagement of affairs during preparation, leaving some materials for the end days, not practicing in the copy, etc costed me.
  • @ansh2188

    did u cleared mains ?
  • @dp81 :( I dint clear mains.
    I appeared in ESE-14. performance better than civil services.

    My objective pprs total is 313 (Made easy answer keys)
    Attempted 160 and 100 in conventionals P1 and P2 resp.
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