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KSG review after disintegration of teachers? present students please.

This is regarding ksg. I am planning to join ksg october batch. I am worried about the teachers now. As i have heard that their faculty got seperated and resulted in GSmentors. Present students must be here to guide about the level of teaching imparted. I will be highly thankful to the responses. And also, is sri ram ias a better option after all?


  • i was a stu in 2014 batch their indian culture and pubad teacher r good
    CAUTION: dont attend khan sir's class
  • Anything about Eco and History? And i heard that khan sir's answer writing guidings are superb. Is it a hoax? About polity? And would you recommend ksg?
  • @hungry4more

    For KSG,
    there is no pattern or schedule regarding teaching, 2 days history, then 4 days economy, then 3 days polity & so on.

    Study material is below avg but teaching is OK.
    (That is all I have heared from reliable sources)

    For SRIRAM,
    No idea.
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