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Final Result UPSC CSE 2012: Date & Cut-Off - [Results Declared]

edited May 2013 in Miscellaneous

Just creating a thread to find out the about all the speculation going on Orkut and elsewhere about result date & expected cut-off
@GambiTTT , @matt2damon , @robinolds What is the andar ki khabar from Orkut? Any updates by Bond?
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  • cutoff around 700 .. 694 to be more precise , result on 3rd may .... thats the latest bhai
  • Isn't 700 too less? The toppers usually get 1100+.
  • 700? Man this is just too ridiculous a figure.
  • 700 would imply a qualifying score of 100 in each of the GS and optional papers!
  • @Stardust1901
    Haha! Nice observation but I don't think that really is the case.
  • Thanks @matt2damon . I had heard that the speculated cut-off was about 700, until Bond said it was more than that.

    @Stardust1901 700 isn't ridiculous. Not if you take into account that a lot of people will be scoring sub-100 in GS paper II (like they have been doing for the past 2 years) and sub 100 even in Pub Ad Paper I.

    Even those who make it into IAS get something like 1020+ in Mains with less than 100 in some subjects and 220+ in others.
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  • i got to know that lot of crowding around 700 due to geog and pub ad.literature and science are above 900 though numbers are less,still enough to cover top 250-300 posts if they dont ruin their interview(most science guys do ruin their interviews EQ probs)
    Ex-railwayman,Indian Police service
  • Any idea about how Philosophy paper has been? And is the marking in Pub Ad tough or easy? Also have some people been able to find out their main scores? Any claims on that?
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  • yes some people have some to know their scores long back. philiosophy is safe(at least not in the rumours of butchered optionals)
    Ex-railwayman,Indian Police service
  • @Neyawn bond has just confirmed it to be around 700 for general and 694 for obc .. . the figure is too hard to digest ... but all insiders have been claiming this figure ... so lets c what happens ... best of luck for ur result bro :)
  • Hello I'm new here.
    i wrote with Pub Ad. now i finished my Pub ad optional papers, why is it that scoring is around 700? yes paper was bad, but sincee i wrote something (hopefully half right) in all answers can i be among those pub ad people with higher marks??!

    my interview average if not below :P
  • How can this Bond confirm it?
  • How can this Bond confirm it?
    Because Bond is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.
  • No, but seriously. How authentic is it??:)
  • @stardust1901 LMAO! Because "the name's Bond, James Bond" :P
  • I heard somebody is doubting Bond here! :O [-X
  • How can this Bond confirm it?
    Because Bond is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.
    Ex-railwayman,Indian Police service
  • Haha no doubt.
    i'm new :)
  • These things do get leaked beforehand and they are generally correct, Bond is one of the more reliable sources. I would say 80% probability of it being true.

    At least half a dozen people would be involved in making the final list, one of them might leak to their friend who will leak to their friend and so on. Information does percolate from upsc.
  • Rashmi99 ji dont worry hope ur hard work pays u welll in any case there will be some people for sure who will score decently in pubad .. i wish u r one of them :)
  • edited April 2013
    "I believe in Bond"

    He has in the past given some info which has been correct. His roommate works at UPSC. Besides last year , I read that the topper's name was "Agrawal" even before the final results were announced. (I am not sure of the name was leaked by Bond). I did not believe it.

    When the results were announced, I found it was Sheena Agrawal.

    "Because he's the hero ForumIAS deserves, but not the one it needs right now" :P

    (I hope Bond reads this! Orkutters, please spread the word he is being celebrated here)
    *No good deed goes unpunished*
  • Thank u all!! I'm just worried, i am not from Delhi and quite 'cut off' from the crowd :P
    i gave an average paper, first attempt.
    what about socio?
  • @Rashmi99 your paper would not have been so average since you made it to the interview. Best of luck.
  • Thank you. But average amongst the people who made it to the interview I meant!

  • new information revealed late last night by bond is that cutoff is around 700 for gen, for obc less than 700(694) and that worst performing optional are history and psychology.
    Roar in east, attack in west
  • @rock2army Any updates on Pub Ad and Philosophy?
    *No good deed goes unpunished*
  • @Neyawn no concrete update about pub ad and philosophy by bond of late but earlier he informed that examiners were very disappointed with answers of mains papers esp. that of pub ad.
    latest by bond is that most successful optional in terms of conversion ratio (mains to interview) is hindi lit with conversion rate of 40%
    Roar in east, attack in west
  • information by bond v2.0
    "pol sce performed best, geo was good
    pubad was hard hit bt still selection above 1100"
    Roar in east, attack in west
  • after giving GS papers everybody claimed that it was easier as compared to previous years.......i am wondering if 700 is the cutoff then how badly we all have scored in papers.....hard to imagine......
    anxiety and pessimism creeping in.......interview will be real decider in such low scoring papers......
    any insider information about electrical engineering paper :D
    Electrical Engineering | Geography | Indian Foreign Service 2013
  • Any idea about Sociology
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