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Vajiram or Sriram? Both Updated Their Fees for 2014.



  • Hi @maddy07 If you planning to take History as for option then I think both Hemant jha sir and baliyan sir starts their batches from june. Please call and check on them and update here.
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    Here is the Vaji & Sriram's Course Details.......
    Thank you!

    Couple of questions to anyone that is planning to join:
    1. Does the "updated mains syllabus" courses at Vajiram include GS tests? Looks like Sriram's will include tests.
    2. Who will teach the new syllabus? Same faculty?
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  • @arav_kumar2013
    baliyan sir classes will be commencing from 10th june
    fee-41,000/- duration of course- 10th june to 27th sept
    timings 8:30 am-10:30 am (mukherjee nagar), 6pm-8pm(rajinder nagar)

    Hemant sir classes starting from first week of june date not decided yet, fee not decided yet, timings not decided yet, for english medium classes will be at rajinder nagar.

    I am too a student of history optional.
  • plus assistant there at hemant sir's institute told me that for the first four months, from june-sept, sir will cover only modern history and world history, ancient and medieval will be covered in the next session of four months from nov to jan/feb.
    i was surprised coz most of the coaching wala's used to cover complete syllabus in four months from june to sept and in the next session from oct/nov to feb/march they ususally start new batch.
  • anyone having any reviews about ALS institute(jojo mathews, shshank atom, manoj K. singh)???
    thank You.
  • saisai
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    Hi everyone,

    please tell me which is best for gs mains in delhi among vajiram , sriram ,ALS and KSG .Do they have only
    gs-mains batches like june to october.Also please mention which is good for prelims
  • Guys,
    both vaji and sriram have year long coaching for 2 hrs per day. Would that be good plan to stick in Delhi for so long?
  • @Bangaloreboy123 : choose exam center as Delhi ! I am gonna do same..
  • @sanket002 Are you already there in Delhi ? I am coming by the end of the month. Just wanted to know if you have taken up hostel accommodation there already?
  • Hey all

    After going through all the posts (VR vs SR vs.....), I think in the end it is the amount of hard work n dedication that an individual is able to put, for a period of more than 12 months, that matters. And in the end it is the self study that makes the difference and not the coaching, because every other guy preparing for CSE will have access to the notes of every other coaching(at least in delhi).

  • @Bangaloreboy123 : Nops, even I will go there by month end and then hunt for accommodation. Preferably PG. single room or 1bhk flat will do, but I don't have any partner as of now. Hostel is last option.
  • @Hopefull_2014 : Agreed. 2hrs of coaching means what will make the difference is what and how you do for rest of the 22 hrs..
  • @sanket002 true man, same here. I'm trying to get hold of the dd today. enough of headache between Vaji ann sriram. @Hopefull_2014 yes, nothing else matters, self study is everything but I feel personally for me being in bangalore is very distracting. I'm looking fwd to a good study group balance in Delhi.
  • With the change in the style of questions it is not the cramming up of the data but the analysis, that matters.
    And I'm sure that coaching wallas cannot teach you that. So, let us just pack our bags and get ready to enjoy the ride to the hallowed world of Civil Services.
  • Being in Bangalore is very distracting... :D :D :D Brigade Road, Forum, Mantri, Garuda, et el..... :D :D

    I was so confused betn vaji , sriram and ALS, I even called my District's DM. :D He recommended Vaji , but he is from 2007 batch, and lots of things are changed now in all these years.
  • yes, i too called several people some say they are equal, all in all personal study matters plus notes of vaji can be taken. Sriram always had the name for GS. My main query was if 10 month coaching was required. bangalore has more than the malls and all. haha.
  • @Bangaloreboy123 : I would say, 10 month of 'coaching' is not required, but we need to study all year round. So it's better to keep ourselves engage in studies, and coaching may help. I heard that Sriram's takes test almost every week.
    For me , Pune is also very distracting, so I am perfectly OK staying in Delhi till 2014 pre+mains.
  • Pune :) yes, for sure, been there. I am also okay staying but just want a study atmosphere and good routine till next Prelims. After that gotta see how things shape up. Accommodation mainly. Have any idea if Apex is any good for political science?
  • No idea about Apex. I am Geography guy ! :)
  • oh, that's alright buddy!
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