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Anyone from Ahmedabad with Maths optional?

Hi , looking for serious aspirants from Ahmedabad and preparing with Maths optional, we can get together and discuss Mathematics preparation and study plan.


  • Which books and from where you bought books for optional in Ahmedabad
  • I bought my books from delhi kumar book centre
  • @Herculespoirot Can you please post which books did you buy at Kumar Book centre for your Maths optional? I am following Prakash Rajpurohit blog for book list. I am pasting them here. Please reply with the books which you got from Kumar Book Centre. Few days ago, I asked for RaiSinghaia (ODE and PDE) and they said that they do not have it. Also, did you buy/subscribe for Brilliant Tutorials material for Maths optional? How is it?

    Paper – I

    Calculus – Shanti Narayan – Course on Mathematical Analysis (S. Chand)
    Analytic Geometry – Shanti Narayan (S. Chand)
    Ordinary Differential Equations – M.D. Raisinghania (S. Chand)
    Statics – Krishna Series
    Dynamics – Krishna Series
    Paper – II

    Algebra – (a) Khanna and Bhambri (b) I. N. Herstein
    Real Analysis – MD. Raisinghania – Elements of Real Analysis (S. Chand)
    Complex Analysis – Krishna Series
    Linear Programming – Krishna Series
    Partial Differential Equations– M.D. Raisinghania + (Some portion of book on Boundary Value Problem by S. Chand)
    Numerical Analysis – Jain and Iynger
    Fluid Dynamics – M.D. Raisinghania
    Mechanics – Krishna Series (Rigid Dynamics vol.-1 and Vo.-II)
  • I ordered MD raisinghania from Flipkart. From kumar book centre I purchased
    1.linear programming
    4. Rigid dynamics vol 1 and 2
    5. Modern algebr
    6. Linear Algebra
    7. Functions of a complex variable
    By Krishna series
    And Analytical Solid Geometry by Shanti Narayan
    No, I haven't purchased BT material.
  • any one preparing from bharuch ??
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