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Economics Optional Marks in Mains

A short profile of yourself along with your marks in the mains in Economics to start with. We can discuss strategy too.

Mains Marks in Economics
Paper 1 - 117
Paper 2 - 127
1st Attempt
Did not qualify for interview. Mainly due to very low GS marks.
From Economics background


  • 1st attempt
    Could make only till the interviews, again due to low Essay and GS marks
    Eco P1- 127
    Eco P2 - 113

    Was expecting much better in P2 though.
    You did well given the time constraint.

    I guess we need to have better writing practice.
  • p1-99
    Cogito ergo sum
  • eco 1 - 110 (left 30 marks paper and 20 was badly attempted)
    eco2 - 113( i think the paper was general and I was probably better prepared for the difficult questions - a lot of room for improvement - to be prepared for all sorts of papers)

    More exhaustive preparation required for paper 1. missed overall cut off by 20 marks.
    CSM 2015 - Economics
  • and 3 people get the same marks(113) in paper 2 - coincidence?
    CSM 2015 - Economics
  • how much did u people score for gs-3??please comment
    Cogito ergo sum
  • i scored 55 - pathetic! - expected better, wrote everything and some of the answers were good i believe
    CSM 2015 - Economics
  • oh same here @sadist...55.paper 3, i believed went exceptionally well n now look at the score...i noticed in googlesheet tabulated by forumias for mains marks that the people who have listed their optional as econ scored low in gs-3.was asking about the same to know others status...many of my answers were too good substantiated by facts.what the hell does upsc want?
    Cogito ergo sum
  • oh same here @sadist...55.paper 3, i believed went exceptionally well n now look at the score...i noticed in googlesheet tabulated by forumias for mains marks that the people who have listed their optional as econ scored low in gs-3.was asking about the same to know others status...many of my answers were too good substantiated by facts.what the hell does upsc want?
    ye bahut purana funda hai UPSC ka .. jo jis subject ka hota hai .. GS me use usi topic me number nahin milte ... History optional waalon ke GS Paper I me kam hain number ...
  • @abhishek gupta
    Cogito ergo sum
  • 113 n 112....same story with gs3 scored 54 despite best of all gs papers...631 total
  • Btw am non eco bg, prepared very randomly with sources mostly notes and shortcut based, preparing dis year frm standard texts. Currently DSE 2nd yr
  • Wow that is quite surprising. Even I got a 41 in GS 3. I was almost embarrassed to admit it. I think part of the reason might be that we tend to take paper 3 lightly in terms of preparation as compared to the others. @vsec Ya i was able to attempt the whole paper. Can't say the same for paper 1. I left questions that I knew the answer to because of lack of time.
  • guys,do enter your marks in google doc put in forumias for entering marks so that we would get a better picture on optional performance.is it that econ scores were on the lower side this year??/any idea?
    @c-alam_ity yours is the highest score i have heard till now for econ
    n gs-3 screwed all of us,no,i would not say that i took the paper lightly,that was my best attempted paper.i deserved atleast an 80 min in the paper n i ended up with 55.
    Cogito ergo sum
  • @Vivanna could you post a link to the google doc. I couldn't find it anywhere.
    Also we don't really have much of a representative sample here. I'm sure those who qualified for the interview or the final list would have done better.
  • Please enter your marks through this poll, so that better analysis can be done:


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    Once Submitted, Response cannot be edited.
    (Tag me, if you filled data wrong)

    All the responses can be viewed here:

    Cogito ergo sum
  • P1: 130
    P2: 153
    GS3: 88
    AIR: 300s
    essay kind of screwed me..no idea how, though..thought it went well
    As far as eco optional went, little bit of luck played a role, no doubt..
  • @yeahright sir could you please guide us for economics optional? and sir i am noticing people have got less marks in paper 3 even with eco as optional why is it so?
    2015 first attempt
  • @yeahright @vsec @Vivanna @sadist can you kindly tell your backgrd as well?
    im just wanting to know how ppl with no eco bg have performed.....any help where such a list wud be available.
  • mine s eco
    Cogito ergo sum
  • I don't have a background in eco. Had a very rudimentary introduction to eco during MBA but I did not remember much of it. I used mostly Indian authors because I did not have much time. When I did eventually glance at a few foreign authors, the difference was perceptible. They were undoubtedly better, but I had to make do with what books and time I had, so didn't really go through the firang stuff. Took my own notes for most of the syllabus. Referred to Gaurav Aggarwal's blog a lot, but mostly for direction. Could cover only 80-90% of the syllabus and revised it a couple of times. Practiced the graphs and used internet source for paper 2. Was saved by the system of choice and also perhaps got a bit lucky with scaling and lenient correction.
  • @aunts_target
    As far as people scoring poorly in the GS paper which overlaps with their optional, I am not really sure. Maybe it is that we use all our subject expertise which to a generalist corrector must sound like gibberish, or worse still, made up stuff. Or perhaps we take the particular GS paper too lightly. Maybe it is not the optional part of the GS paper that we did badly in but the other parts that make up the syllabus of the paper -- perhaps it was IR for us eco folk in GS 3.
    Or a mixture of the above.
    That said, I get your point. I scored 80 in GS 2, by far my worst paper of the lot and 88 in GS 3 where I thought I did my best. The only possible/charitable explanation I can think of is that everybody's GS 2 scores got scaled up. Or some such.
  • @yeahright: Could you enlighten us on your approach in answering Econ paper ii.. lyk u used data more or used some graphs there as well linking answers to economic theory? Coz some questions were kind of from economic history which I answered in points with lesser reference to data of those times...This is one point where I think my approach cud have been bettered with data incorporation.
  • @Deja_vu I used data only in questions that demanded it. The pre-independence questions I did not specifically use data or charts. In fact, the kind of questions we had in p2 this time we didn't really have the opportunity to correlate to theory much, though there were perhaps a couple of instances. I mostly wrote within a framework of economics, by building answers around economics key words and making sure this got noticed -- either by writing these in block letters or by underlining. It is not absolutely essential to remember all data; remembering trends is sufficient. I hear that quoting from reports and referencing them packs a punch, but I couldn't do it due to lack of preparation time.
  • Ok, Thnx a lot!!
  • No problem..good luck
  • thx @vivanna and @yeahright
    I am not from eco background , i am an elec engg but thinking of giving my first attempt with eco this time. Im yet to finish paper 1 course, that too only my 1st reading.
    and soon have to start preparing for prelims as well.
    I seriously dont know if it will be possible to finish eco in 2-3 months (sep-oct).
    What do u ppl think? any chance or any strategy to just manage to give a good attempt?
  • @orangecounty

    Manageable, especially if you have already read bits, if not major chunks, of paper 1. Paper 2 stuff doesn't take half as long.
  • @yeahright

    Thanks a lot, feels somewhat better :)
  • Paper 1 130
    Paper 2 132
    GS 3. 82
    Rank in 600s
    Economics background.
  • @yeahright
    Great marks in Paper 2!
    Would you say your answers were centrist or left of centre in Paper 2 like questions on trickle down etc?
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