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One source or many sources?

edited June 2015 in Miscellaneous

Please answer this query.

I was doing a single topic from multiple sources, like for geo, TMH, chenglong, NCERT.
For history, i did spectrum, TMH, some parts of culture from GK today, other parts from nitin singhania, ccrt, ncert culture!!!

But my friend suggested that just stick to NCERT and cheng long for geo.
Similarly, he suggested to stick to main topics, like polity, economics, geography, history, basics of culture, and just revise them again and again.

Will this make sure that i can comfortably score 100 min?

The main question is, to put it metaphorically, is it wise to try to spread the net as far as possible, to try and catch most fish and assume the fish do not escape from the holes( the bigger the net, the larger the holes), or just spread it in a small area where i am sure to catch fish, but will there be enough fishes so that i do not starve???

Please help, because now i think i am wasting time doing multiple sources for some scraps of information, esp. for history and culture, for which i have wasted 1 month and still not complete!!!


  • As per most of the successful candidates they always say in their interviews that it's better to read twice the same book than reading two books once. However besides that you have to expand the information circle. So use one set as ur specialty (Read them more than once) and have one more source to expand. Don't get into 3 books on same topic
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